The Real Life of Karol Józef Wojtyła

Canonized during the anti-papacy of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, many Catholics wonder if, besides canonical reasons, they have the right to refuse the public cult of a saint to Pope John Paul II. This show sketches the major reasons found in the historically verified facts of his life. —  The is the “Saint John Paul II” you will never read about in controlled “Catholic” media or diocesan newspapers.

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11 thoughts on “The Real Life of Karol Józef Wojtyła”

  1. Does David Yallop mention the particular bond between John Paul II and Cardinal Lustiger?
    What about the “affair” of the Carmel at Auschwitz?
    Btw today is the feast of Saint Theresa Benedict of the Cross, canonized and proclaimed patroness of Europe by JPII…

  2. Why did Padre Pio tell him, when he met him, that he would become Pope?

    We’re have all sinned except Jesus and Mary.

    AJ, do you come up with your own conclusions, or do you only listen to Br. Bugnolo’s narratives and agree?

  3. Br. Alexis has no narrative, neither do I. My conclusions are those found with the evidence, John Paul II is no saint, he was a very evil man, everything in front of the cameras was him acting, that is who he was, an actor. I pray one day, the Church gets a true Pope, he takes up residence somewhere safe away from the Vatican & begins to clean out the rot and undo a lot of fake canonizations.

  4. Why did Padre Pio interact with him and divulge various secrets that no one else knew at the time? One of Padre Pio’s many gifts was to read hearts/souls. If Pope John Paul were evil, as you stated, wouldn’t Padre Pio pick this up? How can Pope John Paul 2 help what his mother’s ethnicity was? He played with Jewish children…..Does that make him evil? He was against the War….Does that make him evil? I do wish that Pope John Paul 2 did the Consecration of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to Russia and NOT the world in 1984. This was not done the way Mother Mary requested. Fr. Gruner documents this well.

  5. The “nothing can be done”, and “my authority ends at my door”. That is not true, you can try and maybe die and maybe your blood will do something, that is what you sign up for. Talking about the excuses the high hierarchy say often. They are literally pushing the whole world into hell with excuses. How much can this last?

    1. When the antichrist arrives they will reveal their demonic nature and will be submitted to every vice and passion.

      Only those who take refuge at The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and devoted to Our Blessed Mother will be saved. The two pillars in the dream of St. John Bosco.

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