Cardinal Burke: The true purpose of Canon Law is not found in the private opinions of Pope Francis

Editor’s Note: Cardinal Burke makes many very important and well argued points in this essay, which all should read, his main point being the emphasis on the distinction between the man who is the pope, and the man as the pope, a distinction I myself have continually made these last 10+ years.

However, I would point out that the Cardinal’s essay contains several major canonical errors of fact: namely, that Pope Francis did not alter any part of canonical norms, since the alterations Jorge Mario Bergoglio attempted to perpetrate occurred while he still lacked the Petrine Munus. Likewise, that being the case, Pope John Paul II was never canonized by Pope Francis, for the same reason, since the latter only received the Petrine Munus on January 30, 2023, and no one but a Roman Pontiff with the Petrine Munus can raise someone to the dignity of Sainthood.

In the pages of FromRome.Info I have frequently criticized these errors of Cardinal Burke, as well as others (see here); but as the papacy of Pope Francis draws to an end, I consider it important to begin to frame the correct solution to the disaster his antipapacy has brought upon the Church, and this essay, is a partial, if imperfect, step in the right direction.

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5 thoughts on “Cardinal Burke: The true purpose of Canon Law is not found in the private opinions of Pope Francis”

  1. How much it matters when only one man in the world understands the whole truth in any given situation and defends it with every fiber of his being.

  2. It seems the Canon Law is really changed by Pope Francis I.

    He already knows he has Vicar’s Power. I guess because of the incredible amounts of pain it caused him. The pain of the Church is always felt by the Vicar of Christ.

    1. Cardinal Burke is confused; he thinks the law has changed, but he has ignored canon 332.2 which tells you who is authorized to change the law, and who is not.

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