JAPAN: The Statue of Our Lady which survived the Bombing of Hiroshima

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8 thoughts on “JAPAN: The Statue of Our Lady which survived the Bombing of Hiroshima”

  1. What about the three Priests, Nuns or Holy People praying the Rosary who survived when the Church was wiped out as though it had never been there? Read about that event in a book several years ago and though I’ve searched for that information again; have never found it again. Don’t recall the book it was found in while in University decades ago.

      1. Not likely. Read up on explosives and do some calculations. A single plain could never carry enough incendiary devices to destroy a city and level its buildings is not something incendiary devices can do, as the Maui case shows.

  2. Oppenheimer movie shows the war criminal who launched an attack on the Catholic Church.

    To glorify such a criminal is injustice and even boldly claiming “it ended the World War II”.

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