OPUS Dei: the “Sinister, Secretive, Orwellian” Sect at the heart of John Paul II’s corrupt Vatican

A brief look at the movement whose founder dumped Christ’s Evangelical Counsels and whose members rigged and purchased his own canonization. Also, why it may be that Opus Dei members in the FBI were behind the spying on traditional Catholics in the USA. — As many as a third of the staff in Vatican City may be Opus Dei members.

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34 thoughts on “OPUS Dei: the “Sinister, Secretive, Orwellian” Sect at the heart of John Paul II’s corrupt Vatican”

  1. So… our traddie priest might be a spy. He is an initiate trained in Spain with the Traddies there in 1980s.

    Still, he’s got consecrated hands and still acknowledges Pope Francis so I go to Mass in the Parish.

    1. be on alert means, if you hear any weird sounds, be careful, because if this priest is a true son of Escriva, he will be just like him. Knowing that Opus Dei has members in the spy agencies, never know if the priests are also gathering information.

    1. His followers bribed Spanish officials, so that he could obtain a title of nobility, which did not belong to his lingeage, since he is of Sephardic lineage, not Spanish — or so I have read.

      1. If it is true that Francis is trying to limit the influence of Opus Dei … allow me to predict that banana peels are going to appear in strategic places around the Vatican. He should know better than to mess with those guys. I’m just saying …

        “he is of Sephardic lineage, not Spanish” Yes. Escrivá is a profession (Écrivain in French, writer in English) — Many Jewish converts (false or true) translated their Hebrew names. Famously, the ancestors of Christopher Columbus. From Colombo meaning ‘a dove’ quite possibly the translation of Ionah or Jonah. In Spain, certain last names like Palomo, Manzano, Romero, Marrano, Carbó, etc. have Jewish roots. I find this subject fascinating.

      2. Christopher Columbus is neither Spanish nor Jewish. He is from a Genoese family on both sides going back centuries, without a drop of either foreign blood. The claims to the contrary are from authors who want to claim his greatness for their own peoples.

  2. The typical modus operandi of Opus members is that they target the high and middle class, they often ask for financial support, and if you show some interest in OD they apply alot of pressure for you to join them until you clearly tell them to back off.

    I have friends who send their kids to OD schools but are not at all part of OD and it has been reported that Taylor Marshall attended OD recolections, but that neither means that he is a member of OD nor that he is under their influence. So, really only numeraries and OD priests are members of OD and are significantly influenced by them.

    So if we are to understand the influence of Opus Dei in the Church and the world, I think it is more worthwhile analyzing OD members participation in Globalist organizations and activities than exaggerating affiliations of Bishops or Popes favorable to them.

    1. If you see deviant behavior like the ones from the Legionnaires of Christ, you should avoid your children from being in contact.

      If you love your kids, you don’t want them to be engaging in S&M WITH OTHER MEN while wearing the banner of Christ. Opus Dei is a complete travesty.

      1. Of course. I agree with you. But in general I have not found that there is such levels of deviancy in OD despite the fact that they run three schools near where I live.

        What I do think is that they are the conservative wing of the Catholic Church in Spain and that this means that if liberals are the fast track to heresy, OD is the slow track.

    2. Here is an interesting text from, John Courtney Murray, Time/Life and the American proposition: How the CIA’s Doctrinal warefare program changed the Catholic Church, Vol I, pg364: in reference to William Colby who was an Opus Dei member: “William Colby, a Catholic from St Paul, Minnesota who later becqme CIA Director, was the second ranking political office in Claire [Boothe, Henry Luces second wife]’s Embassy [in Rome], and a CIA operative. He was one of many Catholics in the CIA, and his wife Barbara along with Clare, were members of the Women’s Auxiliary of the Knights of Malta. Dual loyalty was never a problem for Colby, who “was not un thrallbto Christianity, but dedicated to his country” and lived a life a life of “deception and manipulation” as a result. Colby principle duty was to supply cash to the centrist Italian parties to the tune of $30 million per year, a large sum of money a the time [1954].

    3. The sin of omission is a mortal sin.

      “he said that 99% of Opus Dei members are good people, but it is the 1 % who are using them 99% (robots) who commit their crimes within and against the Catholic Church and against humanity”

      Nazis used this kind of system to eliminate a million Christians too. Opus Dei members committed the greatest sin of schism in 2013 – 2022 while their superiors and upper rank know full well the canon law.

    1. Mountains liked places can be named after anything. In Catholic Colonies it was common to name even Rivers or Lakes after the Blessed Sacrament.

  3. Can someone provide the “cliff notes” on OD?

    I have researched them, but I still don’t really understand.

    1. Thank you. This is a most excellent article by Pinay. He is absolutely correct, in Christian teaching the act of creation is the one act in time in which no creature can participate, not even the Angels of God. Talmudism holds the contrary. True Christian teaching is that in Christ humanity participates in the recreation of the world, which is primarily spiritual and in the moral order, and consequently will lead in the Resurrection to a restoration of the created order. But God alone creates, just as no Saint actually works a miracle, but God through him.

      1. I love that part about Christians through Christ participate in recreation of the world. I never heard that from a person until now but I’ve been hearing that in my dreams. I think that is happening now in our lives. Please consider doing a show exploring this topic, if possible. It’s so positive and makes me happy to know that this will lead to a Resurrection to a restoration of the created order. I can’t think of anything more joyful!

      2. That Christian in Christ participate in the spiritual recreation of the world is the ancient doctrine of all the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, but rarely repeated since the errors of Aristotelianism (with its irreconciable pagan-Greek dualism between matter and spirit) and of Rationaism (of Des Cartes) where subjectivity begins its evil jihad to redo the world according to the opinions and whims of the I, me, and mine.

  4. In my experience (I grew up in it), all priest I have met have been virtuous and devout persons. Most of the numeraries and Super Numeraries too.
    I know they have this idea that truth cannot be known with certainty (there is like an idea of ambiguity in what is church teaching). This disables any opposition, and makes them docile for manipulation. But it is very subtle! Like the N.O. the error is very subtle! so subtle that is easy to be self deceive.

    But most of the people I grew up with ended up losing the faith, so there must be poison in the teachings! (and they grew up in the best N.O. environment with the best N.O. doctrine that you could get. Genuinely good teachers, no scandals, no broken families, no bad ideologies (only the same N.O. and OD). So what could have been wrong?

    I myself thought I had the faith, until providence showed me how little I really had. The world and the N.O. with the OD as the brains, fit all together so well, it lulls you into complacency. They give you this never ending task that keep you busy for the rest of your life (sanctifying your job, WHATEVER THAT MEANS, because you can always improve on it (in some sense?), and the world is made for you to work most of the time so you get trapped in a loop that “makes sense”. I used to defend the OD from my classmates that criticized them because they didn’t understand the numerary vocation. In my ignorance I thought I understood it better than them, but they where right after all.

    But anyway those are just my observations, from somebody that grew up inside of it.

    In summary if the Institutional Church (not the Bride of Christ) and the world get married their son would be the OD. That is what I can concluded.

    But most of the people on it are genuinely good people so don’t judge them! judge the ideology.

    1. This is where the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience in the total rejection of the world (fuga ab mundo) was and is and shall ever be the only true way to transform this world, as St. Anthony of the Desert, St. Benedict of Nursia, St. Francis of Assisi and St. Dominic Guzman taught. The rest is pretense.

      1. Yes. I used to have conflicted thoughts about those stories of saints that left their current (usually successful) state of life, to join a monastery or become a priest. This would be not necessary (and makes no sense) under the OD ideology since you can reach sanctity doing those “worldly” duties you were doing. So one saint that I think is the complete opposite to OD and will short circuit them is Saint Benedict Joseph Labre. (maybe many more but that is one that helped me to see that there was something wrong with the OD).

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