AUSTRALIA: Assyrian Orthodox Bishop Mar Mari Emanuel on Globalism and the Great Reset

This video is in English, but subtitled in Bosnian. —  Save this video as soon as possible, as it will no doubt be shortly removed from the web. — Bishop Mar Mari is one of the few Bishops in the world who speaks the truth about the Scamdemic. He says, that all spiritual leaders who are true spiritual fathers would have spoken against the Scamdemic.

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5 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA: Assyrian Orthodox Bishop Mar Mari Emanuel on Globalism and the Great Reset”

  1. Manifesto of the free peoples of the Earth and this video are the videos needed to be watched if you want to be pulled out of the Matrix of Lies.

    Pray harder as Mama Mary said at Medjugorje in July 25.

  2. And to that I say Amen! What faith this man has and he lifts my spirit up. Thank you for sharing this Brother!

  3. A most impressive shepherd of souls, one who lives and breathes his apostolic mandate. Truly, I have not heard the like elsewhere.

  4. Thank you, Brother Alexis, for sharing this one and only video with us. What a wonderful Bishop and his eloquence for explaining what is going on in the world today! May Our Lord bless him and protect.
    Brother Bugnolo, thank you for your hard work. Blessings!

  5. May God bless Bishop Mar Mari for speaking out and calling out the satanic evil.
    How I wish more priests and religious men and women would do the same in the face of the current global evil.
    May God deliver us from evil.

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