USA: 65% of Catholics don’t trust their Bishop, 48% say the same are Heretical

Editor’s Note: You rarely find a poll which actually allows Catholics’ voices to be heard. But here is one that should be read in all the offices and halls at the Vatican. Since Catholics in the USA give 90% of the donations which the Vatican receives, the results of this poll are an ominous sign to all in the Vatican who want to keep paying the bills and not go bankrupt. — Let us pray that if anything else, this wakes up the last sleeping Cardinal Elector.

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One thought on “USA: 65% of Catholics don’t trust their Bishop, 48% say the same are Heretical”

  1. I found the rating and comments about our Bishop in alignment with mine. I do believe he is mostly orthodox, but weak and spineless, which then causes me to distrust him. It seems like he just tries to stay under radar. On the other hand, he has mostly left our TLM parish alone so I’m grateful for that.

    But what you say is true. Our donations are way down from what we used to give.

    Also, this survey was never distributed, announced or published. I didn’t know anything about it and I noticed responses were very low in most Archdioceses.

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