Klaus Schwab: The Great Reset means all your Information & Personality is in public domain

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6 thoughts on “Klaus Schwab: The Great Reset means all your Information & Personality is in public domain”

  1. Front/Showman merely a Capo of the International Central Banker Family Mafia out of ‘The City of London’ and Basel, Switzerland in the BIS…
    Just because the old Nazi’s are as depraved, perverted succu, bi…Wanting their personal business washed in public, doesn’t mean everybody is. My Great-Grandmother told me, “The time may come in your life that you will have to die for Baby Jesus; do you think you could do that? She informed me that to deny Jesus would mean going to hell where souls burn forever.” Even my pre-K heart knew it was serious and I didn’t answer as I lay beside by beloved Great-Grandmother as her little companion to allow my Grandparents a night out. My Great-Grandmother didn’t push when I didn’t answer…We merely lay there in the lavender shadows of the Souvenir of a Yellowstone Cork-Wood Lamp and Lampshade beneath the oriental paintings on the pastel wall…Thinking and Imagining. Have always remembered that question…And, in these last three years it’s seemed possible for the first time EVER for her words to have been prophetic.

    1. Thank you for sharing this thought. I feel also that we are close to the time where we will have to make a real choice between God and evil. I pray for the graces from God to persevere in my faith. Please God, Jesus, guide us to remain loyal to you at the time of choice.

      1. Why wait for that time? You can make a choice now by throwing away your registered phones.

        Use credit cards sparingly and possible use cash. The less money you have, the less control WEF has over you. I can practically see the despised beggars are the most free people in the “world of WEF”. Nothing chains them online or to even the mark of the beast.

  2. We thought we defeated the Nazis, but they indoctrinated the next generation with their Third Reich superiority ideology. Herr Schwab’s father was a Nazi.

    When he states that everyone’s thoughts and personality will be made public, he’s not talking about himself or his ruling class friends. They will never eat bugs, own nothing, and be happy. That’s just for us lowly inferior plebes.

  3. Klaus Schwab has had a caricature, since a few years after he founded the precursor of the WEF – the European Management Forum.


    See Concept and Character history.

    For many years – at least in the UK – Davros had a much larger following than either Davos or Schwab, both of which were very obscure to the general public.

    Presumably predictive programming by BBC.

  4. May I ask who will control the purity of such information? Suppose some nefarious authority wants to affirm that Trump’s famous dossier is the unpolluted truth. Is it going to be mandatory to believe what Google keeps in its databases? This seems to be a plan in install a “Truth Ministry” to further oppress the people worldwide. No one should have that authority. The temptation to brutally oppress others is going to be too strong.

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