Pfizer official claims in Australia, that no one was forced to take a DeathVaxx

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10 thoughts on “Pfizer official claims in Australia, that no one was forced to take a DeathVaxx”

  1. Yes, indeed. Pfizer is just a provider. The lab itself has not forced anyone. The governments have done what she describes: to keep your job you had to do it. She doesn’t name what it was: blackmail. But yes, you were free to leave your job. At least you were free to be banned from all facilities and public transports, yes. Because there were always very thins breaks where to sneak. We know that, don’t we!?

    1. The wicked Pfizer company won’t admit their guilt in this deliberate genocide. Their poison jabs weren’t given to Pfizer employees, they got placebos, so Pfizer obviously knew how deadly their “vaccines” really were.

  2. Let’s be very clear with the language we use.
    Nobody was forced to take it except in nursing homes or children being injected with the consent of their parents.
    People were coerced but coercion is definitely not force.

  3. That’s what we get when dealing with Demons. Selling your soul has different meanings depending on the time of day. And the fine print has a tendency to change in the middle of the night too.
    ..and of course, we agreed to it.

  4. Hi Brother Bugnolo, I am from Australia and can state 100% that massive coercion was used on everyone to receive the covid shot, whether you wanted it or not. Coercion is just another form of force. It is evil as it overides our God given free will.

    Section 51 23a of The Australian constitution prohibits compulsory vaccination . This is the law. Nevertheless, Politicians ,employers, health bureaucrats, and media combined to make life impossible for anyone who said the word NO to the death jab.

    if you did not want the death shot ,you were totally excluded from society and kicked out of your job. So much for democracy in Australia.

    Now that the death vaxx has been proven to be useless and dangerous, having killed and injured millions , the same crowd who said you must have it ,have gone silent on the death toll.

    Brother Bugnolo I would like to ask you a few questions:
    do you regard the death vaxx as the mark of the beast described in revelation?

    If the death vaxx changes our God given dna,do you believe that this dna becomes satanic ,and causes the holy spirit to depart from a person? This may be one of the reasons it was forced on everyone.

    Are the children born from death vaxxed parents not of God as their dna has been altered to non human?.

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