The Elephant and the secret Mouse-hole

A Satire by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In the city of the Vice-Roy, the high ministers of the King are wont to gather in a special Hall of Mirrors and discuss how to manage the kingdom, until the King returns from his military campaigns.

In recent years, many a subject of the King has wondered greatly what sort of mental disease is afflicting the King’s ministers, as the begin to do all sorts of strange things. Some think they have begun to smoke cannabis. All kinds of wild theories are recited in the local pubs.

Then one day, a brave student of law gets the courage to go to the city of the Vice-Roy and bribe his way into the Hall of Mirrors, determined as he is to find out what kind of madness reigns there.

And to his great surprise, the cause of the madness is as he has written in many polemical pamphlets, which are distributed from Rome on a daily basis.

For in the Hall of Mirrors there is in face a huge filthy Elephant, standing on the left side near the image of Our Lady “untier of knots”.

But just as bizarrely, all the ministers of the King are discussing every other sort of trivial affair.

The brave student of law attempts to appeal to each of the high ministers, but the refuse even to speak with him.

Finally, an Arch-minister of the King sends a missive announcing to the world the real problem in the City of the Vice-Roy! The message is heralded by the Ancient and Honorable Gild of Grifters: as Breaking News.

But the breaking news is absurd: the Arch-minister is claiming that he has heard from another high minister, that there is a secret mouse hole behind the Royal Couch, and it is only account of that hole, that the entire Hall of Mirrors smells like an stable for Elephants!

At this the student of law, throws up his hands in despair. For now he knows the entire court is gripped with madness.

Here the satire ends, and below the satire becomes incarnate:

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4 thoughts on “The Elephant and the secret Mouse-hole”

  1. This is laughable. I can’t believe that after 10 years Vigano brings this up. Unless of course he is a CIA asset.

  2. Brilliant satire! I am reminded of an old English saying in times of chaos such as we see in Holy Mother Church today:- “The lunatics are running the asylum!”

    It is sad indeed that, whilst Abp Vigano is right about so many things that he comments on, he continues to ‘wear the proverbial blinkers’ as regards the “election” of Cdl J-M Bergoglio in 2013……whilst ignoring the overwhelming evidence that Pope Benedict XVI never renounced the papal ‘munus’……

    Kyrie eleison;
    Christe eleison;
    Kyrie eleison.

    1. As regards the “Ancient and Honorable Guild of Grifters” I received a ‘pleading’ e-mail from Michael Voris yesterday evening [I had given some financial support to Church Militant some years ago] which started off by proclaiming that:-
      “CHURCH MILITANT SHOULD NOT EXIST! But the reality is stark – leaders in the Church have simply lost their way and, step by step, they are uniting more with the world each day.”
      and ending with:-
      “To help us continue to proclaim the truth in these brutal dog days of summer, will you please give $100.”
      Which was reinforced by another similar message under Michael’s ‘signature’!

      Clearly, CM are struggling financially and it may well be that they can no longer rely on their support from Opus Dei in view of Pope Francis’s recent sanctions against OD……?

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