UK: “Scientists” demand return of Mask obligations, in face of Eris, new “variant” of Covid

Editor’s Note: it looks like the next Plandemic is being launched. Disease X is the “Eris” variant of Covid. This might be why the new head of the CDC in the USA said at the end of July, that soon “we will hear a lot more” about Covid booster shots.

I remind all my readers that this is 100% bull-shit. There is no such thing as SarsCov2, which has never existed or be found to exist, and is nothing more than a computer model of a genetic sequence to produce a nasty military-grade toxic protein chain. The rest is lies, lies, and lies, which in modern terms is propaganda, but on TV is called, “science”.

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10 thoughts on “UK: “Scientists” demand return of Mask obligations, in face of Eris, new “variant” of Covid”

  1. At least they have the decency to OPENLY ORDER THE TYRANNY instead of hiding behind the U.S. and it’s CORRUPT AGENCIES as Twins to the U.K.’s which are really owned and operated by ‘The City of London’ managed by the Rothschilds. They’ve always been gutless weasels; including the centuries of hiding behind the European Monarchs/Peerage as during the American Revolution. Guess the Bankers now know everybody has identified them and they assume they’ve won and can OPENLY CRACK THE WHIP.

  2. ……… a computer model of a genetic sequence to produce a nasty military-grade toxic protein chain.”
    Brother Alexis, will you please elaborate on the above concept so I can better understand and explain it to other people? Thank-you in advance.

  3. INDIA:
    “And with waning immunity from vaccination, it is best to go back to hand hygiene, social distancing, avoiding crowded places, mask-wearing, staying at home if one has any kind of respiratory illness.”

    «”Eris” wishes a complicated autumn in Europe.» «Some hospitalar operatives recommend returning to the use of masks»

    Pregliasco: Eris boom in autunno
    The “Barbenheimer effect” (from Barbie and Oppenheimer simultaneous movies!!!!!).

    this autumn «in reaction ,the government previews a new vaccination campaign

    «The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) recommends that Canadians get a booster this fall if it has been at least six months since their last dose or COVID-19 infection.
    The upcoming vaccine campaign for Canadians will have the formulation of the XBB subfamily, which includes EG.5.»

    «”Eris” — after the Greek goddess of chaos, strife and discord»

  4. ‘Express’ is typical of the UK’s tabloid-trash media so it is no surprise that they are already pushing the ‘FEAR-porn’ for the next Scamdemic-genocide!

    So we can expect to see the rest of the globalist-directed-and-corrupt-MSM mimicking this same propaganda very soon……

    As an Englishman I wait to see if our UK Bishops Conferences react in the same, scandalous, way that they did in the spring of 2020……

    Kyrie eleison;
    Christe eleison;
    Kyrie eleison.

  5. This morning in France, at the radio, a corrupt charlatan said in the same sentence in 3 seconds distance “it is a very small cold” and “only nowaxx will be sick in a very severe way”.

    As they say “it’s anormally cold and rainy” and “let’s save water and kill millions of cows because oldies die from canicule”

    Concerning hand washing I agree. Nobody washes hands anymore, since the doses.. which obviously was the good excuse to be dirty again.

    Let’s high our hygiene and don’t we fall mad ourselves.

    Le châtiment approche.

  6. these are the “scientists”.
    the Eris nickname generator for eg.5
    T. Ryan Gregory, 16 July 2022:
    «universities should “lead with empathy” by reinstating mask mandates».
    Well since he states there are allways new waves/variants, then masks should be Forever.
    Its the mind of a evolutionary biologist.

    Note in reference to the goddess of Strife???
    How can it be if that is “her” name???

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