USA: Evidence pours in that the Blaze in Maui was an act of intentional mass murder

Editor’s Note: We say this already in the Rhineland last year and in Italy this winter. Pro-Climate politicians coordinating massive public response failures during natural disasters to cause the maximum loss of life. This is akin to human sacrifice by pagan regimes in pre-historic times.

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10 thoughts on “USA: Evidence pours in that the Blaze in Maui was an act of intentional mass murder”

  1. UPDATE:

    For those who believe that wildfires are being started by orbiting or airborne laser systems, so much, that they think that this story confirms that: first, I must remark that they are so delusional as not to have read the report about the wild fires; nor the other reports that human activity caused the recent blazes in California and Canada, not excluding on the ground arsonists. But third, they fail to recognize that before you make a claim, you gather evidence for your claim. And then you analyze it with common sense and the true principles of physics and chemistry.

    It is really pitiful that those who have never even started a campfire nor studied chemistry can boast in public that they know for sure what caused a fire on another continent (which is prone to wild fires).  This is the equivalent in physics of sedevacantism: where your allegations of untrustworthiness of a claimant are sufficient proof in your mind that you need not present evidence of your own claims.

    I know that reasoning with such delusional persons is impossible, but I won’t ask them to try to start a forest fire with a magnifying glass, to prove my point, because who knows what such nuts are capable of.

    There is an old principle in reasoning, called, “Occam’s razor”, which says, the most simple explanation is probably the correct one. In wildfires these are: lighting and intentional or unintentional arsonists on the ground.

    Having grown up along the seaside (where you can see ships sink below the horizon of the globe), with a fireplace and campfires, and on a continent with massive lighting storms unlike anything you ever see in Europe — not to mention that I lived within eye shot of Cape Canaveral Launches and Shuttle Fly overs — I have the advantage of a life of experience to temper me against loony theories. And I thank God for it.

    Get back to nature, and stop using the internet so much, is about the only sane thing I can say to Flat-Earthers, Superlaser Arson believers, and those who think men never landed on the moon.

  2. For those who know squat about Hawai’i, a brief comment on why there are highly destructive wild fires on those islands: in the middle of the pacifc the Hawai’i islands rise to tremendous heights against winds which blow for hundreds and thousands of miles unopposed. This creates huge updrafts and cross currents. Since the modern practice of cattle ranching is endemic on many of these islands, grasses have been disseminated and grow profusely. The kind of grass which grows in Hawai’i is, when dry, highly flammable. Then add to that mix the carelessly disposed of cigarette or an intentional arsonist down wind, and there is absolutely no reason to suppose a satellite or plane flying over head perpetrated it.

    Finally, that I have to say this to my readers is embarrassing. Because it shows that at least some of you have not the least bit learned how to think critically in the last 3 years.

  3. Megafires cause higher temperatures and this, whatever has ignited them. This enables to say “it’s hotter than ever this summer”.
    Cause or consequence? The eternal question of chicken or the egg !

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