Weighty reasons why it is a blasphemy to the Living God to call John Paul II a Saint

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5 thoughts on “Weighty reasons why it is a blasphemy to the Living God to call John Paul II a Saint”

  1. if jp2 is not the saint he is promoted as, is it too simple to say that all he promoted should be discarded? i am particularly interested in st faustinas Divine Mercy-her book had been put on the banned list by 2 popes(correct me if im wrong here). would really like to know because i have struggled with this the past.

    1. I once was very practiced in this devotion, and I even read the entire book by Sr. Faustina. The chief problems with the devotion are objective, namely, that The Lord Jesus never worked a miracle in her lifetime, or after, to prove the objective nature of her visions or to establish the Feast of the Divine Mercy.

      Theologically, I find it very dangerous that the whole purpose of the devotion is to push the focus off Easter, the Day of the Resurrection, when God spiritually recreates mankind by the resurrection of Christ, which is the Event in human history which must remain the focus. To imply that there could be a greater day of mercy than That One, is simply beyond my own personal limits of credibility, and I think the Holy Office in the past too.

      Also, when we look at her personal visions from an interior psychological or theological sense, her numerous visions of the priest holding the child Jesus in his hands and dismembering the child at communion and eating his limbs, is beyond all theological toleration, and seems more akin to the satanic rituals of Globalists, than something which aptly shows the truth of Transubstantiation and Communion.

      So I do not promote this devotion or her sainthood, and remain very aloof to it.

      Also, I do not know any Catholic who has spiritually profited much from it or who remains in this devotion. Unlike the rosary, the Holy Spirit simply does not lead the faithful to it as a safe harbor.

  2. thank you for your reply br. in my toing and frowing on whether to submit to this devotion i asked our Lord to wake me at 3 in the morning(our Lords hour) twice so as to give me a sign of approval or not. once i was awoke at 3 on the button and once a couple of minutes out. i continued my devotion up to now. i feel like i have to do this again. is it worthwhile in your opinion asking for a 2nd time to be shown the way?-i hope this makes sense. God bless.

    1. You should use your common sense and not ask God for signs about such a matter. Praying at the 3rd hour in honor of the Passion is a good thing, and there are devotions such as the Stations of the Cross or the Prayers of the Passion by St Bridget which are much more fruitful, in my opinion.

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