18 hours after FromRome.Info, Infowars confirms new Plandemic Lockdown in the works

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7 thoughts on “18 hours after FromRome.Info, Infowars confirms new Plandemic Lockdown in the works”

  1. Yesterday at my husband’s place of employment, a crew was called in after business to spray and sanitize the building because 4 employees have been out sick with “covid” in the last 2 weeks.

    The insanity begins.

  2. If it was not clear before, now it should be obvious that Alex Jones is a CIA asset. I watched a video some time ago where he said that his parents worked for the CIA. Also, his wife is jewish.

  3. Someone I know and several medical workers who work at the same place all got something at the same time this past week. The symptoms were mild and similar to what I experienced 1 month before the pandemic was deployed. For me, the infection was very strange. It felt unnatural. In any case, I slept for 2 days, had an extremely low fever (which was very strange) , and lost the sense of taste for 2 days. That was it. –There is a very good chance something is in the works.

  4. FYI. I came down with flu like symptoms on Tuesday. I had a previously scheduled doctors appointment on Wednesday, so I was able to make it. I had body aches like those one gets when you have fever. I had a slight headache and felt miserable, just wanted to turn around and go rest. The doctor asked me if I had checked my self for Covid, I said no. He offered a Covid test, so I agreed to a nasal swab. They would call me with the results on Thursday. In the meantime, the doctor said we will treat it like a cold flu, many people are having them in our area. Take Tylenol every six hours, plenty of fluids, one antihistamine tablet a day. Rest as much you can. If this is the same as others, it should get better by day four Saturday. The doctor called me late Wednesday afternoon and told me I tested positive to “Covid”.
    He stated that he wanted me to maintain the suggested course of action. If I wanted, he could prescribed Paxlovid, but he did not recommend it at this time due to its side effect risks. I stated I would do the initial protocol and see after three days.

    I started to improve by day 3. Today I still feel weak, but the fever is gone. The fever got to 101.7. With Tylenol was able to get it down to 101.1 , the 99.9 and now back to 98.9.

    Thanks to God. I have recovered. I had not taken flu shots the last 5 years and did not take any of the deathjabs. I do not wish this on any one. But it felt like a real bad flu when I was younger. I do not know what name they will give my diagnosis. Just keep God in your prayers, that help me. Now I am hoping my wife does not catch it. I did isolated myself in another room, but the incubation period is supposed to be 5 to 10 days prior to symptoms, so she was probably exposed.

    1. One should never take the DeathSwab, as they are used to poison you with graphene oxide, puncture the blood brain barrier, and obtain no useful information, since the PCR test is entirely fake and can discover nothing. When I have a fever I get lots of sleep, drink plenty of water, take vitamin D, C, home made chicken soup and NAC. Last time I did that, I had the hottest fever in my life, but recovered a week before everyone else and was full of energy on recovery, whereas those who took aspirin were exhausted.

      SarsCov2 simply never existed. If you had read FromRome.info’s 7000+ articles you would know that by now.

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