Italian Daily Newspapers report advent of a new “Virus” from China

Editor’s Note: Now more than 2 days after my warning, the newspapers of Italy are weaving more detail in to the Plandemic to be declared within days: a new “virus” from China. — There never was a virus in China, it was a deathvaxx being developed there. — But this is further conformation, that FromRome.Info was right in its prognostication.

I think the reason why these Masonic newspapers are reporting this is to psychologically prepare for submission to the new lockdowns to be declared.

The above report by Pupia News is related with such lack of seriousness, that it is good evidence that most do not realize the malign purpose behind it and how important it is to prepare, not laugh, at it.

In other news, Robby Giusti, the reporter, relates that the Italian High Court has declared “defamatory” any statement which implies illegal immigrants are “clandestines”. In a way the court is correct, because no one is hiding their invasion any more.

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