Twitter to dump blocking feature, in move to turn X into Platform for Globalist Harrasment

Editor’s Note: The Globalists are very desperate and worried, if they no longer believe that their narratives can win the day in open conversation. Now they are going to insist you listen to them.

Most users on social media are there because they want to be able to dialogue. A platform where to participate, you have to agree to be harassed constantly and unendingly by trolls and AI bots, is not a place for human beings. But then again, it is to be seriously doubted if Musk knows what one is.

Musk has now made Twitter the dream world of Goebbels, Pedophiles, Womanizers, and just all the most nasty kind of personalities.

I think he is doing this, because he is working on developing the necessary Nasty AI, to rule the world and control everyone, even in their own minds.

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One thought on “Twitter to dump blocking feature, in move to turn X into Platform for Globalist Harrasment”

  1. As though people didn’t know Musk was a Puppet of the CRIMINALS AGAINST ALL HUMANITY aligned with the BANKER MAFIA where he gets in support all funding for obsolete Wind/Solar/Electrical Energy TO BUILD AND STRENGTHEN CCP/CHINA’S ECONOMY AND POLITICAL POWER WHILE WEAKENING THE U.S. having ‘Cold Fusan’ possible for every home, car, truck, boat and plan in America.

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