USA: Texas Carmel, urged by Viganò, breaks with local Bishop

Editor’s Note: With recriminations being launched on both sides, it is not clear what is actually going on in Forth Worth; but Archbishop Viganò’s support of the Monastery is making this small controversy grow to international proportions. I have in recent years many times publicly called on Viganò to act like a man of the Church and call for a provincial council here at Rome, but he has chosen to launch letters of attack without any other purpose but to divide the faithful from the Apostolic See, rather than healing the Church. It’s a sad and very tragic decision from a man who is clearly very embittered.

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2 thoughts on “USA: Texas Carmel, urged by Viganò, breaks with local Bishop”

  1. He’s acting more like a sedevacantist false pope now and causing scandal and scattering the flock. If he was a man of God, he would do as you say & get the War criminal off the throne of saint peter

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