Dr. Jane Ruby: Eris is the next fake Pandemic

Dr. Jane Ruby weighs into the reports of the upcoming pandemic with an ability to satirize the fake narrative, that is worth its weight in gold. Powerful, especially on account of her personal work experience in the pharmaceutical trial industry.

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4 thoughts on “Dr. Jane Ruby: Eris is the next fake Pandemic”

  1. Love Dr. Jane Ruby…Just cracks me up. Such great sense of humor and educationally attractive in getting the point across. The more we MOCK these psycho/sociopaths; the better.
    Does anybody believe this B.S.?
    Not possible for some to be hypnotized…But, even somebody easily mesmerized could hardly go for this. There are signs the Syndicate is using the old ‘Shock and Awe’ Conventional Strategies to build on existing ‘Terror Porn’ with the endless crises/chaos made to appear as accidents…When the world doesn’t go for this maneuver; don’t be surprised when they decide ‘Burnt Earth’ Tactics to be used as in Maui. People MUST PLAN FOR ALL EVENTUALITIES AND CREAT OPTIONS TO FIGHT AND SURVIVE THIS WWIII.

    1. Hey, they have succeeded in getting hundred of millions to believe the earth is Flat, and that man never walked on the moon; that the Catholic Church is the whore of Babylon and that a rapist and murderer is the final Prophet.

  2. Brilliant advice, analysis and ‘no BS’ satirical commentary from Dr Jane – priceless!

    Let us hope & pray that she is able to evade the probable repercussions from the satanic-globalist-masonic-pedophile-tyrants and mass-murderers……

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