OMC Radio & TV: The Murder of John Paul I, part 1

Editor’s Note: The assassination of Pope John Paul I by Ecclesiastical Freemasons is the key event in the history of the Papacy in the last century, and to solve this crime is to unmask the real criminal network which has seized control of the Vatican. In this program over at OMC Radio & TV, AJ and I discuss the freemason Paul VI and how his entire pontificate was run at the highest levels by masons; the Conclave of August 1978, and how it was that the Freemasons miscalculated in electing Luciani as Pope John Paul I. We also explain why Fr. Muir’s version of the events is simply insufficient to be credible.

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10 thoughts on “OMC Radio & TV: The Murder of John Paul I, part 1”

  1. I read In God’s Name, and Yallop, not a lover of the Church, lays out a forensic exposé of the murder of JP1.
    I did read from Father Georges de Nantes community in Montreal a rather bizarre history of Cardinal Luciani leading up to his election. Now this is all bonkum, or it happened in some form or another.
    It is said that in 1977 he led a diocesan pilgrimage to Fatima, and part of the itinerary is that they passed by Coimbra where Sister Lucia resided. There, Sister Lucia desired to meet with the cardinal. Their meeting overran by two hours, but it is said that she told him that he would be elected pope but that it woudn’t last long. Now this comes out of Aice In Wonderland, you might say. Sister Lucia II couldnt have had access to this insight. Wasn’t Lucia put to death in the late 50’s? I mention it because some cursory investigations with the Venice archdiocese would authenticate how much of the events on the pilgrimage were true. It is said that he was a changed man after that meeting.
    The information was in English but might now be in French on their website.

  2. “Murder”has a new name . It is 1..Euthanasia, 2. Abortion 3. Contraception, 4. Unjust warfare 4. Criminal killing of other human beings in gang activities. 5. School shootings of children. 6. Unleashing of deadly so called viruses and pathogens upon innocent people..called pandemics. Etc.

    1. Indeed! And the 1962 Missal reminds us of the Four Sins Crying to Heaven for Vengeance:-
      Wilful murder;
      The sin of Sodom;
      Oppression of the poor;
      Defrauding labourers of their wages.

      All four of which have been ‘legalised’ in recent decades across “the West” which has thus reverted to pagan times……

      So we should not be at all surprised that GOD is sending chastisements on the world and the Church……

      I consider that the Church’s chastisement began in the 1950s and was made manifest in and after Vatican II……

      Kyrie eleison;
      Christe eleison;
      Kyrie eleison.

      1. Creepy .Why did Paul VI wear the that object with the twelve stones, that normally was worn by a High Priest of the Temple

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