VATICAN: Pope Francis meets with US Armed Forces Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff

Editor’s Note: Yesterday, Pope Francis met with the Chairman of the US Armed Forces Chief of Staff, the highest military official of the United States, under whom the DeathVaxx Scamdemic was launched and operated. This is the man chiefly responsible for the murder of 10s of millions of people. So in moral terms, yesterday’s meeting was equivalent to one which never happened, the meeting of Adolf Hitler with Pope Pius XII — for those who want a historical comparison. Pace a Pacelli for the comparison… Milley is controversial in the USA, because he said, that if Trump had planned to attack China during his presidency, that Milley himself would commit high treason to warn the Chinese in advance. — He was never prosecuted for this admission to Congress. — He also admitted to being part of the conspiracy to make it appear that Trump was going to overthrow the US Govt. on January 6th, 2021.

Again, another report, by the Opus Dei controlled NCR:

More on General Mark Milley,

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