USA: Atlanta College reinstates DeathMask Mandate “for only two weeks”

100’s of other colleges to follow suit …

And actresses are following suit …

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2 thoughts on “USA: Atlanta College reinstates DeathMask Mandate “for only two weeks””

  1. The next Deep State Acquisition Project is ramping up. How many more Deep State Billionaires will be made during THIS Lockdown?

    Will they get to the 2030 “you won’t own anything” phase?

  2. Does anybody really listen to anybody in Hollyweird?
    Or, to anybody’s opinion loyal to the OBastards?
    No God; no credibility, no honor, integrity, decency found among those loyal to the Benedict Arnold Capo’s swearing fealty to Satan/Lucifer at the head of the Rothschilds and their International Central Banker Family Mafia.

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