OMC Radio & TV: The Murder of John Paul I, Suspects & Coverup, part III

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One thought on “OMC Radio & TV: The Murder of John Paul I, Suspects & Coverup, part III”

  1. Dear Bro. Alexis, and A J. Thank you for these important videos with your clear commentaries. I would also consider a review of the writings from the late Mary Ball Martinez, a Vatican Journalist from the mid 20th Century. Please review her book “Undermining the Catholic Church” Full text of “The undermining of the Catholic Church – Mary Ball Martínez”
    The book explains how Pope Pius XII and the Vatican Bank collaborated with the CIA and the corruption that brought on the Conciliar Church.
    Another excellent researcher, Randy Engel, with her 5 Volume investigative books, Full text of “The Rite of Sodomy: Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church”
    The Pedo and Sodomite Infiltration that has long and deep roots before 1930’s, NY Communist, the late Bella Dodd’s confession.
    Pope John Paul I was too late in trying to break up a Bankster connection that started with a loan from Pope Gregory XVI.
    Only Divine Intervention can turn this around.

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