Plandemic Watch: EU begins today to censor all Internet Activity on BigTech for “disinformation”

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This law went into effect in September of 2022, but by its terms, BigTech has to comply by Aug. 25, 2023. This is all part of the plan for the launch of the next Plandemic, which we are seeing unroll every day, with one control on top of another:

As is clear from the text and propaganda about this Law, they promise safety by means of security measures, which in the fine print means, you have to give up your rights, except your right to group-think and state propaganda. The EU has left democracy in the dust. It is now the Fourth Reich.

FromRome.Info is hosted outside of Europe, so this new law will not be complied with in any way by our electronic journal. However, it may come to pass, therefore, that the EU authorities block the ip of FromRome.Info from direct access. Therefore, we encourage our readers from the EU to learn about VPN Services, and obtain a subscription to VPN services on a platform outside of Europe, so that as the Plandemic unfolds you can access news and information at

 In addition, we invite our readers in the EU, to join a platform where there is no Masonic censorship:

Disclosure: is wholly operated by Ordo Militaris Inc., of which Br. Bugnolo is the president and CEO. You can find Brother on Cross Azure and message him there, under his personal name.

UPDATE: As of August 26, 2023, the Owellian Censorship has begun on Twitter, as evidenced in this tweet ..
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4 thoughts on “Plandemic Watch: EU begins today to censor all Internet Activity on BigTech for “disinformation””

    1. When you vote for masonic parties, you always return to Dictatorships. Today the EU becomes the Fourth Reich. The Gas chambers are not far off…. (mandatory euthanasia for political dissidents who wont comply)

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