The Long Game of MKUltra, planned against you during the next 10 years


Editor’s Note: This documentary is from 2021. But perhaps most of you have not seen it. But its a good review now since the next Plandemic is being rolled out in these very days.

This documentary’s intro mixes in the propaganda regarding evolution and democracy. So it is clear that it has been produced by atheists, and thus, take it with a big grain of salt that is: understand that it might be made to make you psychologically accept the Great Reset as something inevitable rather than understand the long game of manipulation. In fact, its entire exposition is atheistic and libertarian. These parts should be rejected because they are even bigger lies than the Scamdemic.

Alas, most people are already incapable of anything but passivity due to their life time experience of being manipulated by public schooling, TV and movies, in a culture designed to fixate their attention on the next trip to the store.

This video is a limited hangout: it insists the Skull and Bones backed Trump is there to save you, and that the Virus existed, like all other non-existent viruses “exist”. It also claimed that “Occupy Wall Street” was not a globalist front (it was, against BigOil investors).

However, I still strongly recommend this video for adults (some scenes are not fit for children) to counter the big-state socialist system in which most of us have been formed. It connects well the capitalistic motives and the reason for the propaganda during the recent scamdemic and gives tons of information about the program of the Globalists against us in the next 10 years. Share this especially with all your community leaders, especially the clergy who know English.


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6 thoughts on “The Long Game of MKUltra, planned against you during the next 10 years”

  1. Brother, would you mind summarising the mkultra plan for the next ten years? I skipped bits when it was going on about the “virus”.

    Also, would you say it seems a bit New Age in the movie’s outlook?

    1. The documentary appears to be produced by Agorists, which are a philosophical-political movement which believes man’s evolution attains a superior state in a progress away from systems of codified laws. For this reason, they are particularly sensitive to the deleterious effects of dictatorial and authoritarian regimes, and in this video, explain the relationship between Globalist Elites, BigCapital, BigPharma and Modern Political Systems and Economic Systems, which collaborated together to achieve their own ends in the Scamdemic. I think the errors of Agorism — that there is no moral evil, but constraint on human liberty — which are only lightly insisted upon in this documentary, are not susceptible of influencing devout Catholics, so I recommend it adults, because, the idolatry of power or of the state is certainly something all Catholics should oppose, since it sets man above God.

      1. That is very interesting. They have bizarre beliefs,but as you point out, they are making connections about what is going on.

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