PLANDEMIC WATCH: CDC says ‘Eris’ may be resistent to old DeathVaxxes and Natural Immunity

Editor’s Note: Another step in the crafting of the next Big Lie. You can understand this better, if you watch the video in the previous post (see link here below, when article is expanded).

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3 thoughts on “PLANDEMIC WATCH: CDC says ‘Eris’ may be resistent to old DeathVaxxes and Natural Immunity”

  1. Don’t need to watch the video.
    Your natural immunity is provided by God.
    He knows when your time is right.
    The CDC have proven themselves as a bunch of liars.
    They can’t be trusted anymore.
    They should be trialed.
    But by whom?
    Honest judges are hard to find these days.
    The ones that are honest get punished by their satanic colleagues.

    Coimbra University: a free online project against V* “misinformation”. It’s free.

    Campaign from middle September 2023 and forward: 60’s and elder, come and “harmonize” flu and Cov* V*! It’s free!

    60’s and elder please think, at least: “There ain’t no such thing as free lunch”.

    I know it’s not the same matter, but Pope Francis said:
    “NOTHING is free in life, everything has to be paid for. Only one thing is free: the love of Jesus!” Pope Francis, Lisbon, 5 August 2023

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