PLANDEMIC WATCH: Dr. Martin says “The Cabal is dead”, “Don’t fear the Lockdowns”?

Editor’s Note: In this interview Dr. Martin pushes the thesis that “The Cabal is dead”, by which he means that their propaganda tricks won’t work a second time, that they have unmasked themselves, and that the people are now awake. — He bases this view on the fact that his 21 minute talk at the EU Parliament got 4 Billion views, which he sees as evidence that the truth of the Scamdemic has won against all the propaganda.

As for fear, fear is not evil of itself, but excessive fear or too little fear, is evil. So the title put on this video is psychological misinformation as well as factual disinformation. And it is clear that host wants you to “get through” the next Lockdown — not stop it or resist it, for reasons that I will explain.

Thus, I am classifying this video as part of the Plandemic Propaganda, so be very careful what you conclude from watching it. It could be, however, that the host is simply stupid. But that cannot be sustained when you see how much money is behind him.

Indeed, the Host changes the conversation, when Dr. Martin talks about really opposing tyranny.

As for Dr. Martin, he attempts to pain a picture that the international Globalists are not behind a new Plandemic and only are targeting the USA, both of which are totally ridiculous lies. It appears therefore, that Dr. Martin is contemplating running for political office. Indeed, in this video, he appears to be fashioning his pitch to voters.

Finally, the Host openly admits at about 28:00 into the video, that his intent in making the interview is to instrumentalize some of the truth about the Scamdemic to get voters to vote for the GOP and Trump, who launched the DeathVaxx campaign.  So it is clear that this video has a most dishonest purpose. It is a sophisticated attempt to round up some of those opposed to the Scamdemic so that they can vote to promote the next Step to the Great Reset.

However, the worthwhile thing in this video is the light it sheds on the “market testing of propaganda”, which Dr. Martin explains well, even though this entire video is a market testing of the effectiveness of a limited hangout to get you to vote back into power the ones who go you into this mess from the start. — And yes, they think you are that stupid.

Even if, “The war rhinoceros” is dead, the Enemies Army is not. And that is the narrative critique which puts the main message of this interview in its proper perspective. Dr. Martin seems mesmerized by his own propaganda. That is not good war-footing for what is to come, in my opinion.


I think a more sound summary is found in this editorial:

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4 thoughts on “PLANDEMIC WATCH: Dr. Martin says “The Cabal is dead”, “Don’t fear the Lockdowns”?”

  1. His speech is a contraditory one.
    – If there is something comming and it is so hard that america will be (or is already) divided in three groups by 1/3 of the population each (those who embrace ever single act of terror, the coerced in the submission, those who are not going to be the agencies of domestic terrorism) (00:22:00).
    – If this is an ongoing assault on humanity (00:25:14)

    SO, the cabal is not dead.

    (and other things)

  2. I would agree with Brother Bugnolo that the beast system of the globalists is far from dead as the open mass murders inflicted on the population of Maiui clearly indicate.

    At any time or place, the globalists can stage an event of mass terror in order to coral people into their agenda as they did with the covid scamdemic.

    Although resistance to the NWO satanists is the duty of every true christian, it is only the intervention of Almighty God that can and will destroy the beast system. This is what we must pray for every day.

    To assume your enemy is defeated is hubris.

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