A Fact to share with those who ridiculed you for not getting the DeathJabb

Editor’s Note: Generally speaking, it’s not charitable to rub in it, when you are right and your opponent was wrong. But in the case where it may lead them to repentance, save lives, and teach them true humility, it’s a solemn duty. — Sharing this fact, is one of those. —  This is for all the Vampires who pushed the DeathVaxx and attacked FromRome.Info for posting the truth. For the search engines and Aleteia and Father Matthew Schneider, and all the others who if they don’t repent will surely burn in Hell for hating the truth and acting with reckless disregard for the health of everyone.

LEGAL NOTE: If your health was harmed after you took a DeathVaxx, on the advice of Father Matthew Schneider, Legionnaire of Christ, you may have grounds for a civil liability suit against him and his Congregation, on the grounds of practicing medicine without a license and spreading medical disinformation, as well as undue psychological influence. Seek the advice of competent legal experts for more information. And if you file suit, let me know!

Here is the full thread, from above, for those who do not want to log on to Twitter (click image):

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3 thoughts on “A Fact to share with those who ridiculed you for not getting the DeathJabb”

  1. Could you make the argument that Pope Francis should also be held liable in some form or manner since he said it would be “an act of love’ to be vaccinated? How could it be that the US government is still pushing these biological weapons on its population. How is it possible that most people injected are still silent on the matter?

    1. Yes, Bergoglio is personally liable as are all the Bishops who refused to look into the fact that he was not the pope when he said that.

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