UK: 98% of NHS workers are refusing to take the Winter Flu Jab

Editor’s Note: As I said in my editorial of August 18th, where I was the first, this month, to warn about the coming Plandemic, the Globalists gravely misunderstand human mass psychology if they think they can fool everyone a second time. To this extent too, Dr. Martin is correct, the playbook, now being unmasked, won’t work a second time. — But I defer to Dr. Rashid Buttar, who warned us days before his strange death in May, 2023, that they still have ways to inducing mass deaths. After a short 30 minute visit to the city the other day, I returned home with a spinning head, a thing I never experienced in my life; so I am convinced that the 5G attack is underway. It remains to be seen, however, if this next trick in their box functions.

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2 thoughts on “UK: 98% of NHS workers are refusing to take the Winter Flu Jab”

  1. the hydrogell:

    “Contains nanoparticules”
    “takes weeks to dissolve”.
    SO: This is the charge. (Nano particles ecc.)
    And this the cardrige gun. (The hydrogell)


    Then you have the trigger: EMF connected (when and where It will be connected).

    The damage effects are in your body, because the charge is injected in your body.

    But the graphene oxide (what they call nanoparticules) is also in other injectables.

    So the simptoms of ARS

    (Among those, “increased pressure in the confining cranial vault “)
    are easy to achieve, by actioning the trigger and telling you its caused by a V*us.

    Then you will see people die. The “don’t have fear” speech is not enough because it Will take the same two thirds of the population to the V*, that is the ammount of people previewd by the deagel and other reports

    EU25 population rises until 2025, then falls

    Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World

    It’s Simple:
    1. Just observe under microscope what’s in the jab.
    2. Just measure the EMF around you.

    This Is the scientific part.
    But the spiritual part is the Essential: keep in prayer and in sanctity of life.

  2. br

    there is an alarming use of language in the MSM in UK – paraphrasing COVID, Immediate death etc

    this was in the tabloid; the mirror.
    this is unusually alarmist, by degrees even by propaganda standards.

    is this a preeminence for sudden, or immediate death?

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