HAWAI’I: Maui Areal Video, in memoriam of the victims

The music is a morning dirge for the dead. — One thing that the MSM news and the subsequent speculation frenzy has forgotten, is that many of the victims were Catholics. We should pray for their souls. This is what happens when you vote for the Left; you vote yourself into the Fire Vortex of Hell. God permitted this, because the clergy no longer preach hell fire to remind us.

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6 thoughts on “HAWAI’I: Maui Areal Video, in memoriam of the victims”

  1. The white dove flew across the film about a minute or two after it started. A sign of the 3rd person of theTrinity…

  2. Maui, Mayhem, Murder & Supernatural Evil

    “They want the death of humanity. . . .What is happening are not acts of God. These are acts of men rebelling against God. They are using the technology of the most rebellious entities in the universe— ‘fallen angels and demons.’ The point now is we are watching targeted, weaponized attacks, primarily on red states. . . . Ladies and gentlemen, we are dealing with supernatural evil. Yes, supernatural evil motivating some of the most wicked and wealthy people in the world.”


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