USA: GOP Presidential Candidate, the Hindu, Vivek is a Soros backed agent?

Editor’s Note: Since there is considerable possibility that Trump will be assassinated or removed from running by imprisonment, it is important to understand what kind of controlled opposition the Globalists might be lining up to replace him.

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3 thoughts on “USA: GOP Presidential Candidate, the Hindu, Vivek is a Soros backed agent?”

  1. My prediction is Big Mike will be chosen. More Tavistock demoralization coming. Also, it’s none of my business that Senator Chuck Schumer is married to a man…just leave the children alone.

  2. Exactly…He’s RIGHT ON TARGET to suspect Vivek. The same kind of stench surrounds Kennedy…With his choice of known WEF Members and flip-flopping from his original stands on issues like the Russia/Ukraine False Flag Laundering Scheme pretending to be a War For Profit terrorizing a whole population. The evil is magnified by the fact of the victims being a population of Christian Catholic people historically experiencing heinous abominable Foreign Occupation and Starvation/Crimes Against Humanity ending only in their recent past following a duration of centuries.
    The City of London’s Club of 300 Intl Banker Family Mafia IS CLEARLY VERY TERRIFIED AS THEIR ESCALATION IN TERROR IS OBVIOUS TO EVEN THE SOULS MOST LOST IN DENIAL…AND, more scales are dropping from more eyes all the time. If anything…EVIL has shown itself nothing except all evil is painted to be in ugliness and depravity in its COWARDLINESS and the ENEMY/CRIMINALS AGAINST ALL LIFE ON THE PLANET SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME HAS EXPOSED ITSELF AS NEVER BEFORE. Yes, Vivek is yet another Trojan Horse here at a most convenient time as our faux hero saying the right words while having a questionable, unverifiable background so reminiscent of Obama where no verifiable information could be found before the end of the second term in office. How many false hero’s have been presented in this TIME like; Ron DeSantis, RFK Jr. and virtually every other candidate. Yes, Trump will suffer an Assassination Attempt if evil is not to incarcerate him as that’s all remaining in all attempts to hold the man down and stop him from again taking the Oval. Only problem is; ‘We Don’t Need Another Hero’ as in Jesus Christ we all must have the courage of conviction to rise and STAND OPPOSED TO THIS TYRANNY. Jesus is our only hero and in him, we MUST FIGHT TO SAVE OURSELVES, OUR LIVES AND FREEDOM FOR THE NEXT GENERATIONS. How many movies have painted a dystopian future with heroic figures seeming as some kind of fake Jesus’s seemingly prophetic for the threats inherent to this time? This song seems to fit the exact time we now live…


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