Even a Bill Gates Funded group finds the masses agree with FromRome.Info

Editor’s Note: Bill Gates with all his billions of bribes to journalists and institutions world wide has failed to convince a third of the population that his DeathVaxx is safe and effective against the mythical virus. He has also failed to convince them that Ivermectin is dangerous. — A group funded by him can not even design a method of polling to hide the fact. Which means, that the real percentage is much higher. — A hat tip to all those doctors, nurses, and critical thinkers who opposed the Scamdemic and the DeathVaxx. — I thank God that with my many friends and informants and supporters (FOR WITHOUT YOU IT WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE), I can count myself and my readers as among the number of these true heroic defenders of humanity!

These statistics make it virtually impossible to yell, “Pandemic!” again with any effect. The Globalists will have to resort to mass murder on an industrial scale to terrorize us with such a narrative again. This consideration is both reassuring, and foreboding. — Therefore, let us pray to the Living God, that He strike confusion in the camp of the enemies of His creation, so that they turn on one another, as St. John Bosco foresaw, long ago; lest such a horrible event take place.

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6 thoughts on “Even a Bill Gates Funded group finds the masses agree with FromRome.Info”

  1. It might not be a ” virus”, but, I believe it is a long ago( in the 1960s) planned pandemic from a lab inChina And, whatever name it ends up having in the future,( assuming there is such a thing), it is a wicked, contagious, and long lasting thing with many side effects ,including hair loss and brain fog.

  2. I don’t even believe in contagion any more, since I think both viruses and germ theory are unproven.

    Yes, the cabal will try to kill us, but I am so glad to hear this news that so many are awake to the pandemic nonsense. Very heartening.

    1. Well if you still wash your hands after using the bathroom, you believe in contagion. And I would not recommend disbelief, as dysentery is a horrible affliction.

  3. Can you share the vision of St Bosco? Is it the one with the 2 pillars or a different one? I am interested. Thank you.

    And thanks for the encouragement, God knows we can use it to double down and continue to pray, pray and pray.

  4. I remember clearly when the USA’s white-coated “Front Line Doctors” first had a public interaction with the assembled MSM in Washington DC to debunk the rampant Covid-19 propaganda, and knew they were telling the truth – but of course the MSM and CDC/WHO etc etc “rubbished” all their claims……and the ones they made in subsequent appearances!

    One of the issues that seemed to create the most ‘heat’ initially was the Ivermectin issue, after which the “vaxxes” were exposed as the real ‘pandemic’……

    I do not know how many of those ‘white coats’ are still in active medical practice but, for sure, they were all calumniated, maligned, slandered, ‘cancelled’ etc etc etc.
    Prayerful thanks to each and every one of them!!

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