The N95 DeathMask exposes you to toxic chemicals, seizures & cancer

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One thought on “The N95 DeathMask exposes you to toxic chemicals, seizures & cancer”

  1. Masks were published as a must (because of the graphene oxide trapping SARS-CoV-2).

    Then there was a doubth: are they a miracle or another risk

    Then masks were retired

    Then were introduced again

    When I say “then”, “then”, “then”, it’s not a chronogical order. It is being everything at the same time along the times.

    But it’s known that graphene oxide ignites cancer (sleeping cancer under controle, and metastasis in active cancer).

    just e.g.:
    Graphene Oxide Promotes Cancer Metastasis

    What is strange is that the south korean article talks about toxic chemicals but not telling WHAT chemicals are these.

    By the lak of true science every information is falling in the cauldron of spell runned by the enemy to confuse the souls.

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