UKRAINE: Zelensky makes 180° turn, says Elections are possible in Spring

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This change does not surprise, coming just days after President Zelensky admitted that the Western Powers would not be sending as much military aide in 2024 as in 2023.  The Ukrainian summer offensive has shown the world that the two powers, Russia and Ukraine are locked in a World War I style conflict, wherein acquisition of the enemy’s territory can literally costs thousands of lives per square kilometer. Both sides have lost well over 200,000 in killed and wounded in general estimation, and if they continue the stalemate, they could easily begin burning manpower up at the rate of 10s of thousands per week.

As I have observed many times, the plan of this war was hatched long ago, perhaps as early as 1995, when Putin attended his first WEF meeting in Switzerland, before his rise to power. The insistence by western powers that Ukraine disarm after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the broken promises to admit Ukraine to the EU, set the stage. The extremely measured grants of old equipment in the last 18 months, shows too that western powers wanted the war to continue but not be won by Ukraine.

At stake is one of the richest deposits of iron and coal in the entire EurAsian land mass: the Donbas. And the Rothschilds are anxious that clear title to the mines be had so that their exploitation can restart (after armed conflict began there by Russia in 2014).

The Russian Federation has a capacity to levy troops 5-7 times that of Ukraine. In addition, 14 million Ukrainians have fled the country, with polls showing that they are not likely to return, ever.

An election in the Spring will give Zelensky a way out of his unwinnable position, since his political support would most likely implode if he talked compromise with Putin. However, an election might put into power a former member of the Azov Regiment, which is wildly popular among the Ukrainian People, despite the Russian Myth that they are Nazi’s — totally unfounded.

Zelensky is emphasizing in the current news item that the men in arms also have a right to vote. This might indicate that he knows that he needs their vote to remain in office.

Zelensky ran for office years ago on the promise to keep the peace with the Russian Federation. By any objective review, he has failed utterly in that promise, even though he has shown a zeal to defend his own country from unjust aggression which rivals any European head of state since World War II. Nevertheless, this next election will be a referendum on his administration and leadership.

His near persecution of Ukrainian natives who are religiously attached to the Russian Orthodox liturgy is not going to make any campaign easy for him. Ukraine is Ukraine, but she is also culturally very close to Russia, due to her history. The secularists and Jews of Ukraine do not seem to want to make peace, even going so far as to pass laws during the Zelensky goverment which are gravely offensive to the Christian traditions of Ukraine. But the Christians of Ukraine are still Ukrainian Christians and they are much more desirous to protect their historical and religious traditions, than they are of becoming a tool in the hand of the secularist agenda, whether that emanates from Brussels or Tel Aviv.

I will not be surprised, therefore, if Zelensky is easily defeated in the next election by a candidate who offers a different direction of national interest. This war has ignited Ukrainian Nationalism in a way that no other even in their long history has, and Ukrainians want a Christian as their president. They are now woke to the realization that their nation will never be free if their leadership has any ties to foreign powers. And they are not the Ukraine which elected Zelensky, a TV personality. They have been hardened in a fierce and existential threat and in all the horrors of war.

The sad reality is, that if Ukraine makes any peace deal with the Russian Federation, which cedes territory; there will be another war, some years hence — because Russia will be much stronger with the Donbas — and then Ukraine’s fate will be that of Czechoslovakia’s, after the seizure of the Sudetenland by the Nazi regime: total annexation.

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One thought on “UKRAINE: Zelensky makes 180° turn, says Elections are possible in Spring”

  1. The war was broadcasted to be protracted, as bunkers were already in process to be built in the Ukraine 1.5 to 2 years ago. I would not be surprised like in WW I trench warfare on the Western Front , as the stalemate went on gas attacks were launched in order to make break throughs. Today, it would be Nerve Agents that work with 9 seconds of exposure.In addition I suspect the West Soviet allies will deny supplies of Atropine and pralidoxime chloride used to block there effect. The jagged history of Pre-Christian Russia was one ruled by Tyrants.

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