2 thoughts on “NEVER LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN! – Never comply again!”

  1. The clip of Bill Gates getting pies in his face in Brussels is great and funny but they showed it way too many times throughout the video I think.
    Other than that it was a good documentary.

  2. Just a note on the current covid strain they’ll try to use as the next reason for free money printing and control grabbing. Just got over the latest variant. It is like a {mild} cold. Extreme fatigue for several days, very low fever, some runny nose, and loss of taste for some days. Never been injected for the flu or Covid. Covid 1.0, Delta, Omicron and the latest were all very similar. What makes Covid different than any other cold has been the extreme fatigue, the contagion factor, and the loss of taste for several days. . It is a great opportunity to get a lot of sleep and lose some weight.

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