VATICAN: Pope Francis immediately accepts resignation of Lichtenstein Primate who refused ‘Synod on Synodality’

Editor’s Note: According to the norm established by Pope Paul VI in violation of all ecclesiastical custom, Bishops in the Catholic Church are asked to submit a letter of resignation when they reach 75. There is no canonical obligation to do so, however; but most bishops do not understand the rights they have from Apostolic Tradition.

Normally, however, when a Bishop submits such a letter, there is a wait of months or years before the Vatican appoints a replacement. An immediate acceptance is a strong sign that the one retiring is a persona non grata.

This action is now a canonical fact which can be used in a Provincial Council to censure Pope Francis as a suspect for heresy; because just as the Synod on Synodality has nothing to do with Apostolic Faith and Tradition, the zeal to push it with such indignities shows manifest bad will; and merits the canonical suspicion of heresy.

Artsakh Genocide — Day 3


#Artsakh #Genocide of 120000 #CHRISTIANS enters its third day with HORRIFIC NEWS of bounties being placed on the heads of children, the #rape of women, the ears of children by Azeri social media accounts. All outside observers and escape have been sealed off. Those attempting to escape are being brutally beaten and murdered. THOUSANDS have been genocided already.

Tim Ballard: The Biden Regime is now running a Child-Trafficking Delivery Service

4 years ago they called it a conspiracy theory, that Pedophiles rule the world. Now we must confront that this is the reality in the State and in the Vatican and in the Church of Mormon, to which Ballard belongs, which Church has just publicly condemned him for morally unacceptable practices of implying the Church backed Ballard’s work. Evidently, Ballard is going to run for the US Senate in Utah, and that has upset their leadership in the Mormon sect, which unofficially is a friendly traveler in the push to legalize polygamy and lower the age of consent (two practices taught by Joseph Smith, their founder)

W.H.O. not waiting for Nations, move to establish Global Digital Health Passports

Editor’s Note: The arrogance of this move is easily explained, since in May of 2024, the nations will vote to approve or not, the WHO’s new charter, which will give the WHO sole discretion to declare a pandemic, and in virtue of that declaration, take over the sovreign powers of all member nations, and become thereby the effective one world government. — So don’t think they are going to care one bleep for what you think. In fact, they are already planning to imprison you with this Digital Health Passport. And the corral comes before the slaughter house.

USA: In California, the law against Covid Misinformation is repealed!

Editor’s Note: This is an extremely important legal fact, to be cited to all who even attempt to speak about medical misinformation regarding the Scamdemic. For in repealing this law, the State of California, the tenth largest world economy, has admitted in principle that criticism of the claims made during the Scamdemic about Covid and the Vaxxes, were justified, that is, have a just legal basis in the right to speak the truth.

National Catholic Reporter does not understand English, Canon Law, or History in Strickland case

Criticism by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here is a prime example of a leading Catholic journal in the USA, which publishes an article so full of errors, it would not pass the test in a class of introductory canon law, reading comprehension or ecclesiastical history.

So I will do the prof’s work of correcting the article.

First, Msgr. Strickland never said that he would oppose Pope Francis if Pope Francis commanded him to resign or withdrew his mandate to govern the Diocese of Tyler, Texas.

Second, even a Pope cannot withdraw the mandate of a Bishop for being Catholic, because being Catholic is not a crime, nor could it ever be a crime in the Catholic Church.

And if ever a pope made it such a crime, he would be ipso facto in schism from the Catholic Church and thus ipso facto deposed in such a way, that not even a Council would have to declare it; because such an act is would be the highest form of Apostasy.

Third, Pope Francis never signed any decree in 2014 that is worth the paper its written on, because Pope Benedict XVI never renounced the papal munus in 2013. So until Pope Benedict XVI died, and before the Assembly of the Roman Faithful to elect his successor, according to Apostolic Right, Bergoglio had no more authority to sign decrees, than the last man in the bench at Church on Sunday.

The National Catholic Reporter is a Jesuit publication. The article reflects poorly on the level of education in Jesuit institutions. It also presents the bias of Jesuitical Supremacy, which thinks its just wonderful to have one of their own on the Apostolic Throne.


Bishops Athanasius Schneider stabbing the Code of Canon Law in the Back

Editor’s Note: Bishop Schneider’s direct denial that a heretical pope can be deposed by no one is a fat lie; even his claim that a pope can be deposed by no one is a fat lie. I say, “fat” because he he denying a falsehood, to cover his own lying.

The Church can discern in council the heresy of a man such that in virtue of canon 1364, it could declare him ipso facto no longer the holder of all the ecclesiastical offices he held.

The Church can discern in council whether a man was uncanonically elected or if he has no juridical claim to a title.

These “can”‘s apply to every person in the Church, yes, even the Pope; and to every office; yes, even the Papacy.

If the Church did not have this power, then Christ would have been one stupid God for creating such a disfunctional institution which had no remedy for the worst of problems.

I have spoke about this in my many articles on a Provincial Council and on the Council of Sutri.

If the Bishop truly wants to stop milking dissent and riding the wave of malcontent; then why is he crafting such lies and such implicit blasphemies against the Head of the Church, Jesus Christ?

Anyone who can reach out to him, should do so.

Pope Francis’ promoter allowed ‘Promotion of Pedophilia’ group to go forward in 1984

Editor’s Note: It has been widely reported that the Mafia of St. Gallen, the group which put Bergoglio into power, intended to main stream pedophilia. This report is one of the earliest documented facts which supports that analysis. It regards an event in 1984. The Mafia of St. Gallen began to meed in 1992, when the Bishop of St. Gallen — now accused of mismanagement of cases of priests perpetrating pedophilia in his own diocese — invited its members to his diocese to form an alliance to get a Pope elected who would mainstream the ultra liberal view of ecclesiastical freemasons.