VATICAN FAKE DICASTERY to permit Convicted Pedophile to vote in next Papal Conclave

Editor’s Note: The Roman Curia has no such thing as a Discastery for the Doctrine of the Faith. The canonical body is the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. So just as Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation of petrine ministry canonically invalidated all acts of the Roman Curia until his death, so the Roman Curia could not in any way be altered during his retirement.

The purpose of the Roman Curia is to assist the Roman Pontiff in the exercise of his petrine munus’ ministry. When a pope retires or dies or during an anti-papacy, the Roman Curia cannot act, and if it does it acts in schism from Christ and without any juridical authority or prerogative: thus all its acts are invalid and not inspired by the Holy Spirit even with ordinary grace. In fact, all its acts are objective sacrileges, frauds and mortal sins.

This explains the perverse decision of the “Dicastery” in the above news story.

The Dicastery was “created” by Jorge Mario Bergoglio during his anti-papacy, which ran from his uncanonical election in March 13, 2013 to his juridical election on January 30, 2023. So far, Pope Francis has not confirmed the alteration of the Roman Curia with any juridical act. And this omission shows the superior prudence of the Assembly, in not telling him — a thing which was not necessary according to natural or Apostolic right, since he as a de facto habitual claimant of the office, but which “not telling him” rendered still uncanonical all his past acts.

The fake opposition which pretended to support Pope Benedict XVI as pope until his death (Cionci, Minutella & Barnhart), and the fake opposition which insisted Bergoglio was validly elected in 2013 (Marshall, CIA agent O’Reilly etc.), have both been united in criticizing the Assembly for not informing Pope Francis of his valid election: precisely because they want the past uncanonical acts validated, it seems. For there is no rational reason otherwise to insist.

What the Assembly achieved is yet to be appreciated in its profundity: it reunited the Mystical Body with Christ the Head through a validly elected Vicar, while acting in such wise to  leave invalid his anti-papacy and all its acts. This will allow the successor of Pope Francis, to be canonically elected and free of the baggage of the Bergoglian antipapacy, if he want. — In fact, by acting such, and on account of the “reformation” of the Roman Curia during the Antipapacy, all the acts of the Roman Curia remain invalid until such time as a pope confirms the reform or abolishes it.

This means for all the faithful that they are freed from a tremendous amount of interference in the practice of their faith. It also means that no Bishop can be asked to resign by the Roman Curia for any reason, legitimate or otherwise, unless acting on special mandate of the Roman Pontiff.

This saves the Church from the train wreck in progress, while obtaining for us all the facility of celebrating the Sacraments in union with Christ.

Bishop of Antwerp: I regret the Vatican called euthanasia “intrinsically evil”

Editor’s Note: Since there are no calls from the Vatican that he step down, and no Apostolic Visitation, we must admit that the level of moral depravity in the Vatican is way beyond the mere problems below the waistline. A Provincial Council needs to be called to reprove, excommunicate and remove all the rot! — Not even to call for such, is already the loudest self-condemnation of papal critics possible.

FromRome.Info Update – Why there will not be many reports in the next week or so

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As you can see from the above photo, taken this morning, I have begun in earnest to pack my things. I have to clear out by Sunday from the residence from which I have bought you the news of the NWO, Agenda 2030 and the Scamdemic during the last two years.

I still have not found a place to go, nor a property owner who will rent to a Franciscan brother, without personal income, bank account or a job.

So, I am asking your continued support in the next few weeks, as I look for a place outside of the 5G kill zone. — I have to find a place fast, because the next Plandemic is about to be launched.

Where am I going to go?

After much prayer and some spiritual advice, I am convinced the Lord wants me to stay at Rome, because of the imminent risk of the implosion of the Roman Church into heresy and apostasy, which will require the election of a Catholic Pope and/or a Provincial Council to depose an apostate.

So, if you would like to help me stand by to serve Holy Mother Church — I will need your help, badly — as most property owners want a huge 2-4 month rent payment upfront — you can do so by going to this page where I explain why I have to move, HERE. Or, using this PayPal button here:

No one has made an offer for FromRome.Info, yet, so you are stuck with me until I find a volunteer editor to hand over the baton too.


Mel Gibson calls upon the world to help the Armenian Christians fleeing from Artsakh

Here is how you can help, through the only Catholic fundraiser for these Refugees:

Italy launches Emergency Warning System over Cellphones, DeathTrigger?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It had been announced for the twenty-first of September. But that day came and went without any notice, convincing most Italians that the news of the roll out of an emergency warning system on all cellular devices was fake news.

But the Italian government surprises everyone in Lazio (the Region of Rome) yesterday at noon time, with the launch of the system, which took control of all cellphones which were on at the time, and which were positioned inside the region of Lazio even if their GPS was turned off.

So much for all those claims of safety when your GPS functionality is turned off!

It has been widely speculated and feared that this roll out was merely a cover for launching a system to send the DeathSignal which will cause the nanoparticle borne pathogenic response secretly contained in the DeathVaxxes and DeathBoosters, when the 5G signal from cellphone towers and/or devices cause the nano particles to expand and release their payloads.

These pathogenic particles are said to contain Marburg, Ebola, E coli and Staphylococcus agents of some kind.

If so, we should begin to see widespread illness in the Region of Lazio in 3-4 days, and death in 5-9.

God preserve us! May the Holy Virgin intercede for us!