US Department of Defense to deploy AI to war against “free thought”

Editor’s Note:  The US Military is building a globalist equivalent of Sharia-Law enforcement for dissident thought. This will make the internet and electronic media entirely worthless within years.

Update: British Intelligence is up to the same anti-humane mischief.

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2 thoughts on “US Department of Defense to deploy AI to war against “free thought””

  1. They can do whatever they want. More people now know who not to trust, or listen to anymore.
    Their side of endless deceit and lies is so tiring and boring.
    Bill Gates wants to cut down trees, as for the first time in human history, they are now a problem for the environment. We don’t need comedy shows, real life is one.
    What a time to be alive. Unbelievable.

  2. The more they mess with ‘The People’ the more cold, numb, cunning and determined some are becoming…Or, more hopeless, helpless, depressed and anxious. There’s no apathy or anything vapid about the overall emotional stimulation concerning the attack on the life in the world…All Life, especially human. WE KNOW THE ENEMY, and it has no boundaries. Pretty much means we have no boundary in pursuing, indicting, trying and removing all assets before executing them and sending those spirits back to hell along with their human hosts as their puppets. No longer matters when they remove ‘Free Speech’ except to know it’s further murdering The Constitution and freedom to worship our Lord Jesus Christ as well.

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