A Message to Young Zealous Catholics: What is true devotion to the Martyrs of the Vendée?

For a complete list of Br. Bugnolo’s videos in the Series, TRUE DEVOTION, click here.

IF YOU LIKE THIS VIDEO, YOU WILL WANT TO WATCH, “True Devotion to Christ the King”.

A Brief presentation by Ordo Militaris Radio / TV about the War of the Vendée, here.

Br. Bugnolo is a co-founder of Ordo Militaris Catholicus, an international catholic security initiative to help Catholics  who are being persecuted. You can read more about them, here.

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2 thoughts on “A Message to Young Zealous Catholics: What is true devotion to the Martyrs of the Vendée?”

  1. Catholic Identity Conference is run by Michael Matt a CIA New World Order henchman and controlled-opposition actor.

    See all the deceptions of last year’s Catholic Identity Conference here

    More on Michael Matt here

    Tell your friends to boycott the Catholic Identity Conference this year and all years to come and donate instead to Sister Lucy Truth to help expose – and prevent the canonization of – the imposter Sr Lucy who mangled the Message of Our Lady of Fatima.


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