Fr. Matthew Schneider publicly rebuked for being a BigPharma shill

Editor’s Note:  For more information on the long nasty history of Fr. Scheider’s attacks on other Catholics, see here. I have it on good testimony, that his character is so negatively charged, that all who know about him are afraid to speak. — Note: the LC after his name indicates that he claims to be a member of the Legionnaires of Christ. More about that Institute, here. Father’s hit piece on me, is published by the CIA funded Aleteia, and promoted on all Globalist research engines as the official narrative about me.

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3 thoughts on “Fr. Matthew Schneider publicly rebuked for being a BigPharma shill”

    1. AJ who is medically certified as autistic, thinks its impossible that he is autistic and only discovered it after he got a doctorate in theology, since autistic persons would not be able to master that level of intense concentration. So yes, I think he is grifting on autistic syndrome.

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