4 thoughts on “Fraudulent Canonizations? And why it’s important for all Catholics to ask the question”

  1. AJ, your estimate of $100,000 is a very small amount. I know a religious order, from the horse’s mouth, that they had to pay 15 MILLION dollars to have their first saint canonized! But they said, the sale of memorabilia would easily recover that amount in a few years!

  2. One of the biggest fraudulent canonizations was recently deterred by Dr. Chojnowski of Sister Lucy Truth.com in Chicago where he prevented famous Fr Altman and Fr Lovell from announcing the new “Venerable” Sr. Lucy on June 23rd, a month before Francis went to Fatima for World Youth Day on August 5th, 2023 where he was ready to canonize the IMPOSTER Sr Lucy to COMPLETE the Fatima picture of 7 saints: Paul VI, John Paul II, Fr Josemaria Escriva, Jacinta and Francisco, and Sr. Lucy. Isn’t 7 a perfect number in the Bible?



  3. Another excellent OMC Radio TV programme, and I am particularly grateful for your complete “demolition” of the ‘Divine Mercy’ devotion which I have never trusted since my 2012 conversion for many reasons, beginning with its place in the Liturgical calendar replacing the ancient & venerable ‘Low Sunday’ at the completion of the Easter Octave.

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