HENRY MAKOW: Br. Bugnolo’s predictions of vaccine deaths have not been so good

And Editorial Response by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Recently I have noticed a lot of traffic from HenryMakow.com coming over and reading articles at FromRome.Info. For that reason I published an article about him, to inform my readers (see here).

However, as this happened again and even more strongly, I went over to his site this morning to see what is going on, and stumbled upon the above comment (which is the title of this Editorial) on his site.

Now, as everyone knows, I am not a doctor of medicine. Nor have I ever worked in pharmacology. Nor am I a disease statistician.

I am an Anthropologist, a Franciscan Brother, and first of all a human being.

But I can state the obvious fact, that there are 3 ways to predict mortality which may be caused by a medical product.

You can under estimate it. You can be spot on accurate. And you can over estimate it.

Now if the product is very deadly, and you under estimate the mortality, then I would agree your predictions (if you called them that) are “not so good”.

And if you were spot on, then I would say, “Your predictions are darn good!”.

But if you predicted greater mortality than occurred so far, and merely cited the pathological dreams of those financing the product, then I think it is more than unfair to say, that the prediction was “not so good”.

So far, according to medical experts who have talked about this, the death toll from the DeathVaxxes is more than 20 million.

But since my June 2021 warning about the DeathVaxxes, numerous individuals have ridiculed me for saying we might see billions die, because that is what the Globalists want.

I remain flabbergasted that with a death toll of 20 million, anyone can take the time to say my warning was “not so good”. We are talking about human beings. And my warnings saved a good number of persons, since they were see by more than 20 million persons, according to the statistics of just FromRome.Info. Many of my warnings have gone viral elsewhere and they are still being shared by persons who do not even read FromRome.Info; and in many other languages.

So I am proud to have saved the lives of millions, and therefore I think my predictions were very good.

Henry Makow, for sure, takes a very negative view, usually, of everything. So I am not surprised at his passing criticism. I think that he is forgetting we are talking about human beings. And any prediction which helps them avoid death is much better than “not so good.”

However, for the historical record, I would point out that I never made predictions about vaccine deaths. I made predictions about mortality rates arising from experimental genetic modification jabs, which by every standard definition are not vaccines. So technically speaking, Makow has totally missed the mark. But for politeness sake, I have nevertheless responded to the substance of his remark.

Finally, I AM GLAD MY PREDICTIONS WERE, FOR THE PRESENT, WAY ABOVE THE ACTUAL RATES OF MASS MURDER, because I would sooner be wrong and take a knock on my personal reputation, than want more people dead than there are.

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6 thoughts on “HENRY MAKOW: Br. Bugnolo’s predictions of vaccine deaths have not been so good”

  1. I remember the making of claims that many would die…I thought that maybe you were overestimating the coming mortality by a lot. I have not seen massive die-die offs of the population—YET.
    I do believe that the vax was nefarious and according to real doctors(oathkeepers), the evidence is monumental claiming its destructive nature. I have started to see many cancers begin to appear in people where there were none before. I am sure that the nature of the vax is a slow prolonged one which GUARANTEES maximum profit–for the suffering will need new drugs to help with the onset of symptoms incurred. End game is a calculated mass death, so I believe Alexis Bugnolo’s claim that billions will die–just not as quickly as he stated it would happen. As he has been trying to wake people up, sometimes a messenger for good has to be loud or shocking to get peoples attention–I don’t fault him one bit for this.
    The timeline may be a bit off, but this act in the play is not over yet. Over the course of the next decade I think many millions if not billions will have cancer or worse. I do hope we’re both wrong. God Speed & Viva Cristo Rey!

    1. Henry still this there was a virus and that the DeathVaxxes are vaccines. So he is way behind the peloton in this race.

  2. I do believe, in my humble opinion, that this whole Scamdemic and deathvaxx role out was designed to hide the real numbers of those who have and will ultimately die from the effects of the injection. We will never know how many people died from natural causes or from the effects of the injection. We will never know how many elderly people died before they were really meant to because of the effects of the injections. I know quite a few elderly folks ‘who died in their sleep’…which some frontline doctors have said could certainly be the result of the injection on the heart. Few will question it because they were elderly and ‘oh well they just died of old age.’ Unless you do an autopsy on all people dying we will never know the true numbers. So in the end Brother’s estimates may prove to be accurate. Only God knows the number.

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