VATICAN / KOREA: Statue of First Korean Priest to be unveiled at St. Peter’s Basilica

Meanwhile, the thriller, “Birth”, the historical-fictional account of the first Catholic Priest from Korea, St. Andrew Kim Tae-gon (1821-1846), released in November of last year — it’s world premier was at the Vatican — ran in 4th place for top films in South Korea in December of 2022. — If any reader knows of an English language version of this Movie, let FromRome.Info know about is ASAP. This looks like one of the great Catholic Films of our day. Father Andrew was martyred in the first year of his priesthood, and is a model for Catholic priests everywhere, who serve in difficult ministries.

Like many Renaissance structures which returned to the classical ideals, St. Peter’s Basilica was constructed with numerous niches along its outside walls, to accommodate statues of future Saints. It is being placed just outside the Vatican Grotto, where the Popes are buried. It was made in Italy from Carrara Marble, and was donated by the Catholic Episcopal Conference of South Korea.

Here is a second report on the Statue:

Saint Andrew, pray for us!

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