Frank Walker of calls on Catholics to schism from the Pope

Editor’s Note: When Pope Benedict XVI was pope — and he was until his death — Frank danced around the issue, never saying he was or that Francis was not — but now that Pope Francis is juridically elected — as I predicted — all the talking heads which insisted Pope Francis was the pope from 2013-2022 are going to start insisting he is not, when he is.  This is a spiritual battle. And I am not saying that all those calling for schism now, are government agents who are being told to push this narrative precisely because the Freemasons realize that Pope Francis now has the petrine munus and has been taken under the High Priestly prayer of Christ. But it does seem that way. I think rather that, they are making their decisions on what they think is politically necessary to convince Catholics to vote GOP in the upcoming election in the USA, because that  is where their religious devotion is greatest, to politicking, not believing.

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4 thoughts on “Frank Walker of calls on Catholics to schism from the Pope”

  1. Politics is CIA mind control at its most potent. It never ceases to amaze me how almost nobody, no matter how serious their faith, can see through the dialectical puppet show to the literal actors who inhabit the political stage. In EVERY country!

      1. The truth is, as one Carboniari Mason told me here in Italy: no decision is made in the courts or government which is not first discussed, decided and planned in the Lodges. That is who really rules Italy.

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