USA: Apostolic Nuncio implies that no one understands what Pope Francis wants regarding “Synod on Synodality”

Edtior’s Note: I think the Nuncio has let slip the truth of the matter. If the concept of “dialogue” has been criticized, it is because Pope Francis has not clearly stated what he intends to do during the “Synod.” And the recent declaration of secrecy during the meetings of “Synod” only confirms that analysis. But it’s absolutely clear that Pope Francis does NOT want clarity and is demonizing those who are asking for it, because, from this talk by his Apostolic Nuncio in the United States, he went so far as to call honest questions and criticism “demonization”, which is a horrible response to the authentic nature of synodality, which means, “walking together”.  We have all had 10 years to realized that Pope Francis, the man, suffers from the grave incapacity to dialogue with superiors, peers and subordinates. And it is clear that he is suffering from a massive lack of proper personal formation in social-psychology. The Church will only heal when someone near to him has the charity to inform him of the fact. And I think at this point more than half of those who truly love the Church would counsel him to resign, because of this, his, personal incapacity; even  before we get to the issues of grave doubts about his personal orthodoxy or orthopraxy.

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One thought on “USA: Apostolic Nuncio implies that no one understands what Pope Francis wants regarding “Synod on Synodality””

  1. Divine Providence will, as always, have the final ‘say’ on this matter by means of “the biological solution” which, bearing in mind Pope Francis’s many physical sufferings which have increased in recent years, is much more likely to be sooner rather than later. Whether this is before or after the final machinations of the ‘Synod’ in 2024 remains to be seen……

    At which point, the eligible Cardinals of Holy Mother Church have the opportunity to elect a man who can embark on restoring much of what has been ‘lost’, not just over the last decade, but since 1962……

    But we can be sure, sadly, that the CIA/globalists/freemasons/jewish hierarchy will do their utmost to get “their man” elected, once again……

    Kyrie eleison;
    Christe eleison;
    Kyrie eleison.

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