PLANDEMIC WATCH: New Mexico Governor suspends 1st and 2nd Amendments for “public safety”

Editor’s Note: Remember this: you cannot heard whole populations into cattle cars, to send them to concentration camps, if they are armed. Just saying.


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4 thoughts on “PLANDEMIC WATCH: New Mexico Governor suspends 1st and 2nd Amendments for “public safety””

  1. New Mexico is among the poorest states in the US, but since the plandemic started it has been experiencing mega budget surpluses. Let it be known New Mexico is quietly implementing every globalist agenda. even more so than California. I can attest “equity” is not about equality. In fact, the super wealthy live in Santa Fe and have made it impossible for normalk people to live there, except on the outskirt of town in apartment complexes. . Also, Santa Fe support mass immigration, but they have stated they can not migrants in Santa Fe. They have to go to Albuquerque, 1 hour away. In Albuquerque, the homeless and newcomers have been moved into one area, away from affluent areas. The poor side of town is loaded with cameras. I have always considered myself a radical progressive, but I do not associate with any political party any longer. We are under a tidal wave of fascism pretending to be woke, or progressive. Much like pre-WW2 Europe. It is not going to end well for America and Europe.

  2. This seems to be a trial balloon to see how the public will react to the curtailment of their constitutional right to bear arms. Much like the mandatory masking and vaccines were implemented two years ago, the globalist elites want to see how far they can push people.

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