A Hit Song about DeathVaxxes — For which the author was fired in Sept 2023 (Video)


Editor’s Note: Now when you are trolled on Media by members of the DeathVaxx cult, you have the perfect URL for replying to them, every single time. This song is powerful anti-gasslighting weaponry. And that is why its composer was fired. — I believe his name is Kylan deGhetaldi.

UPDATE: This composer has several other songs, on his Rumble channel, where you can find this one exposing the Rockefeller’s 120 year long virus scam.

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5 thoughts on “A Hit Song about DeathVaxxes — For which the author was fired in Sept 2023 (Video)”

  1. As reported recently…a couple of weeks ago my husband’s place of employment sprayed and sanitized the building because a couple of employees were out sick with “covid”.
    Co workers began to wear masks again. Even though 90% of employees took the shot.

    My husband who did not take the shot, wear a mask AND has never had “covid”…remarked that surely the company wasnt going to buy into all this again?!

    He was fired last week. He had worked there since high school. 42 years. Was an exemplary employee and held a Sr. position.

    No reason was given except that “times have changed and you haven’t changed with it”.

    1. He should sue for wrongful termination. — And if he was my dad, I would rent a movable large screen TV, the kind which is visible day and night, with loud speakers, and position it with a permit accross the street from the employee entrance for a month… and have it play this song, and other informative videos.

    2. I’m so sorry…this was criminal what they did. Wrongful termination!
      Find a good attorney because many are doing that now and winning.
      Bless you!

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