Ben Shapiro talks with Fr. Charron about Pope Francis’ Errors and Deposition

Editor’s Note: Fr. Charron says his friends in Rome all say, that Pope Francis’s Pontificate is a “reign of terror”. — Fr. Charron is a Ukrainan Rite Catholic Priest. — The recent comments of Pope Francis praising imperial Russia have made the entire faithful of the Ukrainian Catholic Church hopping made at Pope Francis. I think that it is obvious that, what Fr. Charron says, that both those on the right and left, are profoundly dissatisfied with his pontificate.

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7 thoughts on “Ben Shapiro talks with Fr. Charron about Pope Francis’ Errors and Deposition”

  1. Ben Shapiro uttered “Judeo-Christian” that is the worst DECEPTION of the devil for 2,000 years.

    This is what Ben Shapiro thinks of Jesus.

    Judaism and Christianity are diametrically opposed to each other. Judaism has many gods and is based on the Talmud and the Kabbalah

    Judaism’s Strange Gods –
    book by Michael Hoffman –

    Free pdf –

    Jesus was NOT a Jew

    Jesus Was Not A Jew, Either
    By Religion Or By Ancestry

    Roman Catholics, STOP saying Jesus was a JEW

  2. Why to NEVER say “Judeo-Christianity again!

    Christian Pastors and theologians again and again reassured me and other Christians that Jews believed only in the Old Testament. Christianity and its New Testament added the story of Jesus and the Cross to Judaism. To understand Judaism, these Pastors say, all one has to do is read and study the Old Testament. The Christian Pastors and teachers had even coined and frequently used the term, Judeo-Christianity when referring to the religion of Jesus Christ and to the Western culture. I, too, believed in “Judeo- Christianity.”

    My father told me the Jews were the “Apple of God’s eye.” The
    evangelical Pastors glowingly told their congregations of the blessings we Christians would receive if we blessed the Jews. After all, they said, the Jews are the very “Seed of Abraham.”
    page 10-11

    1. This book has no references, so its claims cannot be authenticated. He also praises Hendrie for leaving the Catholic Church, and says that a Russian Monk, called Sergius Nilus, was the first to publish the protocols of zion.

  3. It’s written by an Evangelical, that’s why he refers to his father who was a Christian Pastor. Protestants are not fans of the Catholics. Sadly, Catholic clergy are totally ignorant about this book which they should be warning Catholics about…because they are too busy promoting the rainbow flag.

    This is Ben Shapiro’s messiah, page 192

    The Jews and Their Messiah
    Now the Jews would not be caught dead (excuse the pun) in an Islamic mosque. But the synagogue? Oh, yeah, that’s their exclusive bailiwick. Their Messiah—not Jesus, but the Jews’ Messiah—will reign and teach in the synagogue. The book of Revelation tells us about this abominable place of worship. The Jewish Messiah, according to the top rabbis, will not be an
    independent, external deity. He will merely represent them as king. Instead, the Jews are The Chosen—they are confident they shall be their own Messiah.

    This I discovered in investigating the New Age movement, which is, in fact, a satanic movement authored by the Jews. When the Jews speak of “God,” they refer to themselves.

    Oh sure, Messiah shall come, they teach. He will be the new “Moses,” the Davidic seed. But like Moses, like King David, he will not be God, but will, rather serve God. And who is God but the Jews themselves. The Jewish Messiah/king will be like all the Jews. They are collectively divine beings, gods on earth. He will be one of them: a god among gods.


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