Excess Deaths and their correlation to DeathVaxxination Rates

Pay attention to the graphs, which the author shows to prove the DeathVaxxes’ massive effect. He does not talk about these extreme spikes so as not to be banned from YouTube. — What he is trying to say, is that data on excessive deaths is being manipulated in the extreme since March of 2022.

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10 thoughts on “Excess Deaths and their correlation to DeathVaxxination Rates”

  1. I am going to watch the video simply for the graphs you mentioned but that guy is most likely part of the evil establishment.
    First he scared everyone of his followers with “facts” of the horrible virus. Then he recommended everyone to be vaxxed.
    Now he plays the role of the innocent good guy.

  2. Using a moving 5 year average to show excess deaths could hide or soften an increasing death rate. Thus also an apparent negative excess death rate could still actually be an excess death rate compared to a fixed prior 5 year average.

    1. I am looking at those massive spikes about which he does not speak, way after Covid struck, but during the vaxxing and boosting campaigns. I think he is trying to be ironic, because he takes efforts to let you see the problem, but does not speak of it.

      1. Indeed that is true although he seems somewhat over theatrical in his delivery.

        What I point out is how those spikes can be used to deceptively and potentially hide the much bigger harms of persistent elevated excess mortality or rising mortality.

        I agree with Joel’s comment about Dr Campbell. The spikes in death and coincidence with the injection roll out have been known for a long time. Dr Campbell should be aware of that from the comments on his videos. He is always late to the show. When he says he is only one of the few talking about excess mortality perhaps he should say he is one of the few allowed to talk about it on Youtube. He may be like the magician with misdirection certainly it is impressive how he gives the ‘truth’ that never gets him properly cancelled.

        The less injected countries seem to no longer have excess mortality producing a collective sigh of relief and the belief that may eventually happen to the more injected countries. I suggest a statistical manipulation of how that may not be the case in reality. I would imagine the pharmaceutical companies are keen that long term adverse events and deaths are not easily linked to the injection or to those un-injected in close contact with the injected.

        I hope you publish my other comment but add Bridgen may also be like Dr Campbell in being potentially controlled opposition enabling a Heglian Dialectic with a false antitheses.

  3. No danger of Campbell being banned from any platform, he is 100% controlled opposition whose task, having shilled vaxxes and boosters, is now to spread fear and dismay, or perhaps deepen the cognitive dissonance.

    1. Amen & AMEN!!

      When I first came across one of Dr Campbell’s videos, a couple of months ago, he ‘smelt’ of controlled opposition in his body-language/presentational style.

      The Father of Lies uses countless forms of deception to ensnare his victims, 1% of falsehood within 99% of Truth is often enough……

      1. I see it the other way. I see him as someone in soviet era who knows he cannot say the truth, and speaks in code like obvious lies so you recognize it as lies if you have a critical mind. But then again, I did not watch him in 2020.

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