3 thoughts on “Musk is being shaken down by the ADL, A Summary of Events”

    1. I personally believe the ADL war against Musk is like the Democrat war against Trump. Because the Masons destroy and never mention their real enemies, and Musk has already gagged conservatives on twitter so much, that, if he is destroyed by the ADL its no loss to free speech, because he allows no free speech to Catholics who speak against the Masons.

  1. I bet Musk will win and ADL fold.
    His target is simple: destroy ADL / its power.

    1. Musk is not in Twitter for the money
    2. You do not make 300 B$ out of a shell company like Tesla, without powerful friends.
    3. He and his supporters know exactly what to do.

    By the way, you do not need the app-stores to install an app, although it makes things simpler.

    I also bet X will not be banned from the app stores.

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