New Vatican Nuncio to the USA plays the “ideology” game to whitewash Baby-Killers

Editor’s Note: When the cardinal-elect says it is wrong for Catholics to refuse to collaborate with baby-killers, he is totally out of his mind, and clearly following the ideology of indifferentism. There can be no communion with Belial and his baby-killing mob. And for the Archbishop to suggest that, is both ludicrous and criminal.

He is saying this because the Biden regime whose hands are soaked with the blood of millions, is the biggest funder of Catholic Charities in the USA; and organization founded for the works of mercy, but which is now engaged in collaborating with the Biden regime in the biggest human trafficking operation in world history.

I do not think I even need to mention that the Vatican under its present government has never faulted Biden for its involvement in election fraud. But perhaps there has been some mild complaint about the grave violations of civil rights since Biden seized power.

I would point out that in the Old Testament, written by Hebrew men inspired by God, God declared accursed not only those who kill children, but also those who collaborate with them.

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One thought on “New Vatican Nuncio to the USA plays the “ideology” game to whitewash Baby-Killers”

  1. No longer consider myself a Catholic under the authority of these heretical apostates. Just as well to cling to the Cancelled Priests, Nuns, Deacons and such than to follow the delusional, greed-based RANTS OF THE DEMONS seeking to steal God’s creation and loyal to ‘The City of London’ in the Vatican.

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