3 thoughts on “René Lefebvre, Spy Master, & why this should be of concern to all who confess to SSPX clergy”

  1. Hi Brother Bugnolo,

    A few years ago published a post where you link to testimonies about Marcel Lefebvre in particular from Christopher Shannon, a seminarian who said he was at the Econe seminary in the spring of 1972. He said he was told that Lefebvre was a mason etc.

    Well I found out that there is a Dr. Christopher Shannon working as am associate professor of History at Christendom College. If you look at his profile (see link) he seems to be the right age. If the photgraph was taken 10-15 years ago we would have been in his early 60’s. The other surprising bit of info is that he did his masters and PHD at Yale….

    Could his his testimony be controlled opposition? What do you think?



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