Vatican “Synod on Synodality” is the Event to change the Dominant Myth of the West

Editor’s Note: A passing comment in this video, sheds a lot a light on the agenda of the Sin-nod on Sin-nodding. It’s the comment by the author of the “God of Gods” reading from the Myth Project of the Club of Rome (a Rothschild operation and front for the Rothschilds).

Because to propose and idea of Church, which embraces the immorality of the age and makes it the central cult of the Catholic Church by instrumentalizing the Sacred which God bestowed in the Church to serve the Mundane of the Globalist Elite, is a satanic transformation of the principle of Christianity and Western Civilization for a new dark purpose.

The move to a total war footing between Russia and the West in the coming year might provide a substitute for a Plandemic, that they might not launch because of too much push back — as we have seen — to encapture minds in a stronger narrative of “patriotism” to defend against the “enemies of civilization”, when the real enemies already rule over us.

This would parallel the Change the Myth event in the fall of 2019, when Bergoglio led the adoration of Pachamama over the ashes of the first Martyrs of Rome and then led a procession of the dragon goddess before the High Altar of St. Peter’s Basilica. Thereafter the launched the Scamdemic and the lockdown and shut down the Catholic Churches where Pachamama was not worshipped, to prevent the true Worship of God.

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4 thoughts on “Vatican “Synod on Synodality” is the Event to change the Dominant Myth of the West”

  1. Nailed it! Inversions all the way down. Attending Mass with priests and faithful who complied with the satanic mandates is disquieting. I fear (but hope I’m wrong) that they already occupy a certain “twilight status” that is hard to pin down, but is a perception that dies hard for me.

  2. The WEF and Mr Zelensly have both stated Ukraine will be a new ‘Israel”. I believe WW1 type trench warfare model is highly suspicious for a 21 century war. Everyone in basic boot camp training knows trench warfare is a major no-no. In any case, Klaus also stated about 600 billion dollars (yes, dollars) will be needed to rebuild Ukraine into a smart / internet of all things city.

    1. I told the Ukrainian Soldiers I knew in May of 2022, that trench warfare was a no no. Don’t let your superiors assign you to such missions. They no longer answer my messages. So I assume the worse. The way to defeat the Russians is not trench warfare as they have to much artillery. It’s the way they defeated the Russians outside of Kyiv. I told everyone I know in Ukraine that a year ago. But I have lost confidence that Zelensky wants to win this war. And I believe that if there are open an fair elections, his govt. will be swept from power, because it is decidedly not making the decisions necessary for victory.

  3. TPTB are flaunting their creation of Golem(s) – the immanentised “creative-impulse” of those who would be god. “Non-serviam” as a globalised esoteric project designed to subject the non-chosen to those special people who covet Ukraine.

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